Flying Tigers: Shadows over China

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China

Flying Tigers: Shadows over China

I have a weak spot for this kind of genre, as a huge fan for Blazing Angels, Ace Combat and the lesser known Iron Wings I was really happy that I received my review code for Flying Tigers from developer Ace Maddox. It is not the easiest genre to bring for consoles, so I was curious to see how it would play. I honestly didn’t¬†expect¬†that this was the first positive surprise for Xbox in 2018. Want to know more? Take your plane and fly towards our¬†Flying Tigers: Shadows over China review.


  • The accessible gameplay for newcomers and hardcore players is pretty spot on with what I expect from an arcade air combat game. The dogfights are exciting, ground bomb runs are accurate and the slow motion mechanic, named¬†TrazerTime‚ĄĘ¬†slow-motion precision firing adds something really cool.¬† Not only does it make it easier to shoot, it just looks cool dodging enemy fire, quickly turning around and going into the slow motion mode. It gives you a sense of sensation that you otherwise don’t have.
  • Visually the game has a nice artistic feel and it starts immediately with the menu’s. Attention to detail is noticeable on all the Japanese and American aircrafts. That same attention to detail can be found in the skies and the environments. I do have to add that the ground textures are pretty basic but you don’t really notice that while flying.¬† Cut scenes are pretty decent too, surprisingly so for an indie game.
  • I was most impressed by the sound and music while playing Flying Tigers, explosions lack a little punch but voices, aircraft sounds and¬†tension building music are really high-class and a massive positive thing to write about.


  • (online) I was stoked to see all the online modes, it is clear that the developer knows what fans of the genre want. lone wolf and team dogfights, capture the flag and a rocket only mode give online players lots of replay value. So why mixed feelings? I haven’t found a single player online, even with using the LFG feature from Xbox Live.¬† The game is new of course so I’m hoping to see a few players that join the fight, but keep in mind that this review is solely written by playing the single player.
My most memorable moment was trying to land on water to get all the whales and dolphins Achievements. Really fun to experience.


  • With all the material, good voice actors and well made and fun gameplay it is a shame that the actual story mode is a little dull and repetitive. Sure you get to control different aircrafts, control turrets, blow up ground troops or carriers and destroy a bridge but it stays a little unrealistic and forced, always have to be something wrong with a game right? It is absolutely clear that the developer tried to give the player a varied campaign but they seem to lost ground with the storytelling to achieve that.

[Score: 8.1/10] We didn’t have to wait long for the first game surprise in the new year! Flying Tigers: Shadows over China is a great air combat game, the¬†on life support genre on consoles finally has another fun and worth to play game. Be sure to check this game out if you love Ace Combat or Blazing Angels, you won’t regret it!¬†

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Xbox One X | LifeisXbox received a digital review code, provided by ACE MADDOX.