Favorites Wednesday | Game snacks

Favorites Wednesday | Game snacks

Share your own favorites with #FavoritesWednesday and tag Lifeisxbox, we’re curious about your picks! On Twitter, on Facebook, and on Instagram. every Wednesday we have three new favorites from our LifeisXbox team! This week our favorite game snacks!

Dae Jim (LifeisXbox editor-in-chief)
Salt Sticks | First I nibble the salt from the stick, when that is done I slowly eat the stick. Almost like a rabbit. It is easy to eat fast and I just love the taste.
Mikado | Another stick… this time with chocolate on it. You have all sort of kinds but my favourite is the larger Mikado’s. Again, fast to eat and the taste is just incredible.
Pistachios |
A bit hard to eat while gaming but during cutscenes or loading times it is pretty perfect to eat. With Xbox Series X the loading times are almost gone, so fast loading isn’t always a positive thing! 🙂

Maui (Managing editor pc)

Chips | Potatoes are magnificent, aren’t they? You can eat them in so many ways!! My favorite? Potato chips! Yeah, I know, I shouldn’t eat chips when using my computer. But chips are just my absolute favorite snack, always. Pickles, paprika, ketchup, joppie, I don’t care, just give me my chips.
Pepsi | Yes, I am Team Pepsi, not Team Coca Cola. I’ve always been. And it’s just what I drink most in life and during gaming. Luckily, I stick to Pepsi Max at all times.
Maltesers | Oh my dear lord, how I love Maltesers. I’m not the biggest chocolate fan, but you can wake me at any time during the night for some Maltesers. Eating these during gaming isn’t always my best idea, since the bag is usually empty before I know it, oops.

Alexis (writer)
Pringles | Once you pop, you can’t stop. I always loved the taste of a good pringles flavour over the taste of regular crisps. My favorite flavour? Hot ‘n Spicy! Yes, m’am!
Date balls | Dates are a nice chewy yum yum, but date balls? OOOOOOH heck yes! Chocolate Flavored date balls to be precise! I make myself, an easy and cheap thing to do, but brings you so much goodness!
Water | While flavoured things are a go-to for many, I just love me some good ol’ h2o! A good glass of cold water with chips of ice in it, and mmm mmm mm! Lets start that puppy up!

Rafael (writer)
Cheetos | especially the cream cheese one. It’s been my favourite ever since I was a child. And thankfully now I’m a grown-up, I can buy it whenever I want it
Yoghurt | either the ones you drink or the ones you eat with a spoon. It’s healthy and a good snack whenever you feel hungry
Fruits | bananas, apples and whatever we have available. They are the best option for a healthy sneak between meals. And for someone with diabetes, like me, they provide a sweet taste that is enough for me to avoid stealing a cookie or a Bis from the cabinet

Michael (writer)
M&M | I love to eat these while I’m gaming because my fingers won’t get all sticky or salty like you have with chips. My favourite are the ones with peanuts inside!
Pepsi Max Lemon | It’s just simply the best kind of soda, and the lemon taste is a really nice touch to it.
Candy |  I’m a real sweet tooth when it comes to candy. I just love to eat it, don’t really have a favourite. And when I start eating this I can’t stop

Xendacine (writer)
Ginstberg Citron Light limonade | I mean this is oddly specific, but it’s a low calory (1.1Kcal per liter) lemonade that tastes extremely well for me. It’s sparkly and not too overwhelming with taste.
Pickle Chips (Pref Colruyt) | What’s there not to like about a bit of crunchy joy with pickle flavour. If you try the chips, you will find out instantly why it’s a fan favorite (honestly, Paprika I can’t eat a full bag, naturals taste meh, ketchup is too strong for a whole bag, so Pickles is just right for my flavour pallet). I even joke with Mikachu about how “I’m eating an apple” instead of chips, cause idk, it’s a joke between us.
Brioche | Honestly, I don’t eat it too much, and when I do, it’s reserved for intense story moments. Every time I eat it, it takes me to a special place of joy and childhood memories.

Michelle (writer)
Chocolate |I love chocolate during playing intensive games ’cause you can just put a little piece in your mouth and just keep it in your mouth without biting and you can keep gaming meanwhile!
Cookies | For puzzle games or more relaxed games I sometimes eat cookies. You can do it every time you die… Unless you are a potato-like me and would eat way too much then, then you can do it after every completed level or puzzle.
Ice tea | I always drink Ice tea while gaming. It drinks easy and the one I have doesn’t have a lot of sugar or calories. So good taste and not a lot of negatives, good for me.

M&M Crispies | I can at these by the bag. They’re the perfect mix between crispy and chewy and you can never go wrong with Chocolate.
Choco & Biscuit (Aldi) | These cookies are divine. It’s a biscuit, surrounded by milk and chocolate. It’s basically a Kinder Suprise outer shell with a cookie interior. I’m officially an addict.
Energy Drinks | Not sure if this counts as a snack, but I love downing an Ice-cold Red-Bull or discovering a new flavour of Monster Energy. I’m always on the lookout for new stuff to try out and couldn’t be happier than when my wife brings home something I have never seen before.