Favorites Wednesday | Game endings

Favorites Wednesday | Game endings

Share your own favorites with #FavoritesWednesday and tag Lifeisxbox, we’re curious about your picks! On Twitter, on Facebook, and on Instagram. every Wednesday we have three new favorites from our LifeisXbox team! This week our favorite game endings!

Dae Jim (LifeisXbox editor-in-chief)
Little Nightmares 2 | The last couple of minutes from Little Nightmares 2 was… unexpected. I finished this very recently so I still remember looking at the end-credits, simply starring in front of me about what just happened.
Spec Ops: The Line | This has multiple endings but damn! I honestly didn’t see the ending coming and it managed to make me feel bad about what I did in the game. Fantastic writing has been done here, if you haven’t played it you are really missing out!
Telltale: The Walking Dead: Season One | A few games made me cry but never like this game. the relationship between Lee and Clementine is one of the strongest I’ve experienced, forcing the player unpleasant choices. Season One remains my favorite Telltale season ever, the ending has a lot to do about that.

Maui (Managing editor pc)
Diablo III: I don’t necessarily like this game’s ending because of the ending itself, but because it’s the game that got me into gaming (together with Skyrim). I am actually a late bloomer when it comes to gaming, I mean I played some Runescape and some basic games when I was little, but never really finished games; When Diablo III came out, I was so hooked on this game. I finished it in no time and fell in love with gaming. That’s why this game, and its ending, will always have a special place in my heart!
Pokémon Emerald: I started the Pokémon games with the Red version, but that was my brother’s game. The first Pokémon game I owned and finished was Emerald, and I love it. I mean, I love everything about those little fighter companions and their world. Pokémon was such a big part of my youth, you’ll probably see this franchise returning a lot in my answers on these favorites Wednesday questions.
Jenny Leclue, Detectivu: I wanted to include this one because it has an open and unfinished ending, and this game has simply stuck with me. I reviewed it last summer for LIX and I honestly can’t wait for part two to release. I really want to see how Jenny’s story ends!!

Robby (advisory editor)
Narcosis | The ending reveals a plot-twist that will gut punch you in a similar fashion to the ending of The Mist (movie). You won’t see it coming and it changes the entire mood and experience
Final Fantasy XV | The way Noctis and the chocobros say goodbye to each other, before the final battle, knowing what’s to come and reminiscing on their time together at a campfire, brings a tear to my eyes.
Mass Effect 2 |  The final mission is full of risks and if you didn’t play your cards right during the rest of the game, your entire team can end up dead. My first playthrough had zero casualties, my second playthrough only had Shephard as the sole survivor (intentionally – I wanted to see the differences)

Mikachu (writer)
All the Tomb raider games | What’s better than a puzzle/ shooter with a happy ending? One with a badass woman named Lara Croft of course! I simply adored it and can still remember the ending of my first Tomb Raider called TR: Legends for the Xbox. Not the best ending but still so good.
World of Warcraft | I know WoW doesn’t really have an ending, but the ongoing expansions are so fucking good. Sylvanas being war chief (yes I’m horde, FOR THE HORDE) now has me so excited ’cause she is my favorite NPC in the game together with Chromie and Tyrande but she’s a filthy Alliance haha. (just kidding, play what side you like of course.)
Destiny 2 | Destiny is another game with expansions but saving the world in that game and fighting with your little ghost by your side is absolutely amazing. I haven’t had the pleasure of completing the entire story of the newest expansion since I’m so busy with WoW and reviewing in my spare time but it is definitely on the list. And boy the cutscenes are so prettyyyyyy

Xendacine (writer)
Destiny 2 | Same reason actually as with Mikachu, although there is a slight twist. I enjoyed the destiny story in a way I never expected from a game. it made me deeply connect with my guardian, and I can’t wait to find out the new bit of story they just released, but together with Mikachu, it’s half of what made the experience that great
Grand Theft Auto 5 | This might be a bit weird, but I clocked in over 800 hours in GTA. And completed the campaign twice, both times with a different ending, and it got me attached in an amazing way every time.
Need for Speed Most wanted on PS2 | Yes I played through the entire story on the PS2, and it actually is a story about how the main character tries to conquer his rivals and finds safety. Great for those who have never played it!

Michael Sporen (writer pc team)
Dying Light | Smashing zombies, crafting all kinds of weapons, the development of the story; everything about the base game of Dying Light is perfect. Everything came perfectly together when you had to make your escape run. Unfortunately, the ending of the following expansion was really worthless and deserved a better ending.
Pokémon | Who didn’t enjoy the Pokémon games when they were younger, right? It’s hard to choose a favorite or the one with the best ending since they don’t really end. But as a kid beating the final four and becoming the champion felt really special.
Jak II | An old one that I played all the way back on the PlayStation 2 (I know, I used the forbidden word). Although most of the time I just sucked at playing this game, reaching the end with my 2 younger brothers constantly bashing on each other (since that’s what boys do), still gives me a good feeling.

Alexis (writer Xbox team)
Starcraft | Starcraft has always been my favorite RTS, ever. Even more than any C&C out there. But what I loved about those endings was that they were all interlocked. Each race had its own ending, intertwined. Then came brood wars… hoooooowee! Also, on the side? Blizzard makes the best cinematics as well. Man loved that cinematic where those marines went into that Zerg infested Science Vessel… mmm mmm mmm!
The Walking Dead | Oh. My… GOD! How the fuck can you do anything but cry? Damnit… those games pull you in and sucker-punch you in the grundles if you don’t cry!
Halo | Honestly? That ending just gave me the chills. There is something nostalgic about this. My very first Xbox game was Halo, I still remember the day when I bought it together with my Xbox. That bootup sequence, and then losing track of some days to reawaken all sweaty and a grummy controller in my hands, with the ending credits of Halo rolling by. That game just… lord have mercy! The music, the combat, the A.I. … Halo just had something that a lot of recent games lack! And that is spirit and guts! And, tell me this… who doesn’t go all “Aaah aaaa AAAAaaa aaa .. aaaaa.. AAAAA AAAAaaaa..  a aa aaaaa aaaa” … you know what I mean 😉