Eyes on the Weekend (7-9 January)

Eyes on the Weekend (7-9 January)

In Eyes on the Weekend we share what our LifeisXbox team has been playing, most of the time we have our hands full with review games. Some of those have embargo’s so we can’t always openly share what we are playing. What is interesting for us is to see what YOU have been playing! Be sure to let us know on social media! ūüôā

Dae Jim | Starting the new year, I have a new year’s resolution that I am playing backlog games every Saturday. So as a result I finished Jisei Detective and Super Soccer Blast. Also progressed in Kingdom Hearts 3. This won’t be possible every time, as reviews get priority. Speaking of review games, two have been played. Mushroom Wars 3 and Gravity Chase. All other time went into the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, a game I simply cannot stop playing.

Robby (BloodyGoodReviews) | I started the weekend by beating the¬†Halo Infinite¬†campaign and cleaning up some missing achievements. Overall had some fun with it, but it had too many shortcomings to warrant the high praise, at least for the single-player content. I’ll be checking out the multiplayer next. I also started playing¬†Figment, in anticipation of Figment 2 releasing in February. It’s a fun action-adventure with some nice touches like bosses that rhyme and sing and you can use the music to time your dodges. I also tried the demo for the 2nd game and it seems to be even better! I wanted to start playing¬†Inscryption, but ran out of free time in my weekend to properly invest in it. Lastly, I beat¬†Aspire: Ina’s tale¬†in only two sittings and really liked the visuals, but something about the platforming/interfacing (like swinging from ropes or using your powers) rubbed me the wrong way and felt very irresponsive. You can check some gameplay here:¬†https://youtu.be/HopFe1M_8OM¬†

Rafael | Nothing to report this weekend.

Alexis | Nothing to report this weekend.

Aaron | Nothing to report this weekend.

VicciVulpix | Nothing to report this weekend.

Maui | Got sick (thanks Michael) so spend a lot of time on my couch watching series and reading. However, I did manage to game a little during the moments I felt better. I finally started playing¬†Lake, for which I played the demo on PC. Decided to play the full game on my Xbox and really enjoying it so far, as I thought I would. I also continued playing¬†Heim, a Belgian indie puzzle adventure game inspired by Norse mythology. It took me a little while, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of everything so I’m excited to see what’s to come! Lastly, I started, and completed, a little game called¬†Headland¬†on my Switch. I can’t really tell you anything about it yet as it’s under embargo, but my review for it is coming on January 13th!

Michael |
Was sick all weekend, so it was the perfect time to sit back and play some games. First of all, I played some¬†Sands of Salzaar¬†an open-world strategy-action RPG (as the devs are naming it) the review for this game is coming out this week so keep your eyes open for it! Secondly, I played some¬†Pok√©mon Brilliant Diamond¬†since I didn’t complete it yet and Pok√©mon Legends: Arceus is about to release later this month!

Orange Spark | Nothing to report this weekend.

Colombo | Played¬†Fistful of Frags¬†(which is a fun and free wild west FPS on steam) and¬†Battlefield 1942¬†with a friend, and yes, if you look hard enough, there’s still a method to play it online nowadays. Also played a little bit of¬†Inscryption, I did watch some videos of it before playing and still haven’t gotten to where the videos were, but I’m very much interested in it. Played the usual¬†Microsoft Solitaire Collection¬†while listening to music and finally, watched a bit of¬†Tokyo Revengers, it’s a pretty great anime from what I watched of it.

Bradley Delaere | I’ve played¬†Mortal Kombat 11¬†the majority of the weekend. Very enjoyable game! Both the main story and the aftermath story were cleverly written and were animated beautifully. The Kombat itself was incredible as well! Every character has their own moves, intro’s, finishers, fatalities,… you name it! At the end of the weekend, I’ve also played a bit of¬†Operation Zeta, quite a fun game so far! I really love the exploration element that the game has!