Eyes on the Week(end) (4-6 February)

Eyes on the Week(end) (4-6 February)

Time to look back on the weekend! How did Friday, Saturday and Sunday look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from last week and what are we looking forward too? These three questions will be answered in our Eyes on the Week(end) article!

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I started my weekend off completing all the achievements in the original Assassin’s Creed (2007) and damn did this take some time, considering there were over 400+ collectables to obtain! Thankfully there was a wonderful interactive map online that saved me the tedious task of finding them myself because let’s face it, I probably wouldn’t have stood a chance. I then started Assassin’s Creed II in the hope to also mop up any remaining achievements I have yet to obtain. On Saturday, I started my playthrough in Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse as it’s currently free for gold memberships accounts. I personally quite enjoyed this title and as it was an easy 1000G, I couldn’t complain. On Sunday, I started two games, Contrast and Telling Lies. Both are certainly unique and I’m really looking forward to continuing both. From what I’ve played, if you have access to Xbox Games Pass, I would suggest you give each a go if you haven’t already. Of course, I also have to mention SMITE. I’ve found a new love for Athena in the support role and think I may just be maining her more often from now on. The games actually went surprisingly well for a nice change.

Most exciting news of last week: I was incredibly excited to see the game True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 1 is now avaliable to play on the Xbox Store as it combines horror and point-and-click together. As it speaks about story being very much present, this certainly has piqued my interest.

Looking forward to playing this week: Assassin’s Creed II, Telling Lies, Contrast, SMITE, Silent Hill: Homecoming, The Vale: Shadow of the Crown


On Friday, I started playing Ocean’s Heart on my Nintendo Switch, a brand new RPG game! I can’t tell you anything about it yet because of an embargo, but you can expect a review soon! I also played some Cake Invaders on the Xbox, which is a cute little game that will also have a review online soon! On Saturday, a friend with whom I started playing Unravel Two came over again and we picked up where we left off, completing the main story of the game. We both did not understand the story at all, but that’s probably because we didn’t play the first game and because we were too focused on the gameplay itself. Definitely going to play the first title too though! On Sunday, I tried out The Anacrusis but unfortunately, the game did not live up to my expectations in the slightest. I will continue to look into it as I’m previewing it for LifeisXbox, but for now, I’m not too impressed.

Most exciting news this week: American McGee’s Alice turning into a TV series. I’ve loved the Alice games and their dark theme so definitely excited about this one!

Looking forward to playing this week: Ocean’s Heart and Pok√©mon Legends: Arceus but I think I won’t have too much time to game this week, sadly!


I beat¬†Pok√©mon Legends: Arceus¬†on Thursday but still kept playing all weekend. There is a pretty fun post-game and the act of completing your Pok√©dex is addictive. Seems like 6.5 million players agree with me as the game seems to be selling like hotcakes. I also started playing¬†Control¬†through Xbox Game Pass, because it’s soon leaving the service. Despite some bugs, I was so impressed that I bought the Ultimate Edition straight away so I could play the enhanced version on Xbox Series X and also check out the DLC. Sadly, the version’s save files aren’t compatible so when I do play the XSX version, it’ll be from scratch.

Most exciting news of last week:¬†ForsVC announced their first investment. They’ll be injecting over 2 Million EUR into Cyborn and their upcoming VR game Hubris. Glad to see the Belgian games industry receive the much-needed boost!

Looking forward to play this week: The next DLC of Far Cry 6, with Joseph Seed from FC5 as the main focus. Sadly it will be a rinse & repeat of the last two episodes, but still looking forward to seeing more of his backstory.


On Saturday I played some¬†Pok√©mon Legends: Arceus, I bought the game on release unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to put many hours into it yet. Furthermore, I played some¬†Runescape 3¬†and played a card game with Maui and a friend called¬†Phase 10. Yesterday (Sunday) I played some¬†Sands of Salazaar, the review is coming later this week, and the same goes for¬†Make Your Kingdom.

Most exciting news of last week: There is only one thing that is worth mentioning here for me and that is that GTA VI is becoming real!!

Looking forward to playing this week: Make Your Kingdom, Pokémon Legends: Arceus & Rugby 22


This weekend I spent my gaming time playing Deadside on PC. It is a first-person collaborative shooter with PVE, PVP, base building and survival elements. It is a very addictive shelter with some really solid shooting mechanics. Most of Saturday was spent gathering resources to build the sections we needed for our base, and Sunday was spent building and looting. It’s still in early access at the moment but there is enough to offer for the price tag.

Most exciting news of last week: This was of course Rockstar confirming the news that GTA6 was in development. I can hear the sighs of relief from every country as we eagerly await more details and screenshots.

Looking forward to playing this week: Looking forward to playing Dying 2 this week. I played the opening chapter and so far I am really liking it.


Didn’t play a whole lot this weekend, but I did play a bit of Yakuza Like A Dragon again, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, and some Remnant from the Ashes subject 2923 DLC with a friend, we’re struggling a bit on a boss battle but that’s expected from a souls-like, right?

Most exciting news of last week: Rockstar confirming they’re working on GTA VI, which I hope has a campaign.

Looking forward to playing this week:¬†Yakuza Like A Dragon which I still haven’t finished


I’ve had a pretty standard gaming weekend this time around. Right before the weekend, I finished my review for Spikerman which left my weekend entirely open to keep playing Pok√©mon Legends Arceus. Since I already saw the credits roll on my adventure in Hisui I have been working on completing my pok√©dex region by region. I’m slowly making progress, but by Almighty Sinnoh is it easy to get sidetracked in Hisui. It’s safe to say that I’ll be playing this for a good while to come. Aside from that I also cast my gaze upwards for some fun in space with Elite Dangerous Odyssey. I’ve finally gotten a step closer to unlocking the final engineer this side of Inner Orion Spur. Wanting to give that goal a bit of a rest, I decided to team up with a friend and take on some on foot conflict zones. (read wars of attrition) All went well, until the last one, which had a glitch where the doors to the objectives wouldn’t open and we weren’t able to manually override the doors. So in the end, we spent nearly an hour racking up kills instead of capturing points. Generally, a good time was had. I also, in a strange turn of events, found myself starting up Guild Wars 2 again on Saturday. This after not having touched it for a good 6 years. To no one’s surprise, a lot had changed, and I had no idea what to do. Luckily I had two good friends who ran me through the basics and kinda followed me around as I noobishly bumbled my way out of Lion’s Arch and into danger. No idea how long it’ll hold my interest, however. Only time will tell.

Most exciting news of last week:¬†While Japan had a slight lead on the west in this regard, Pok√©mon announced that it’s making the original Diamond & Pearl soundtrack library publicly available. These are the tunes of my very first Pok√©mon journey, so I’m excited I’ll be able to download them hassle-free to listen to on the side.

Looking forward to playing this week:¬†“Re:Turn 2 – Runaway” for my review scheduled sometime next week.