Eyes on the Week(end) (25-27 March)

Eyes on the Week(end) (25-27 March)

Time to look back on the weekend! What did Friday, Saturday, and Sunday look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from last week and what are we looking forward to? These three questions will be answered in our Eyes on the Week(end) article!

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Over the course of the weekend, things were fairly quiet on the gaming front as I wasn’t feeling my best. I managed to finish my first playthrough of Outlast 2; a great addition to the series that had me jumping and fearing enemies surrounding me at all times. Luckily, I had Lewis next to me to calm me down when things startled me too much. I do intend to revisit both games as I would like to aim for the collectable’s playthroughs next. Let’s just say something tells me the insane playthrough on Outlast 2 will have to wait for some other time; especially the one for using only one battery.

Most exciting news of last week: For me, this has to be the possibility of Lost Ark coming to console as the developers have stated they would consider it. Also, even though I haven’t played Witcher 3 yet, hearing another Witcher game is in the development stages is quite exciting to hear.

Looking forward to playing this week: Echo Generation, Will You Snail?, Dead by Daylight, Explosive Candy World, Outlast.


I didn’t spend a lot of time gaming over the weekend as I was spending time with my boyfriend and a friend, leaving me too exhausted to do anything in the evenings. Typical me! Anyway, I did play some No Place Like Home, which I’m really digging. My review for this one is coming tomorrow, and I cannot wait to continue playing it because I have not yet reached the ending but am super excited about pursuing it!

Most exciting news of last week: Nothing caught my attention this week, honestly.

Looking forward to playing this week: More No Place Like Home and I also want to play Century: Age of Ashes on the Xbox this week, so hopefully I find some time for that!


Had a busy weekend full of family stuff so not a lot of time to play games. Obviously, I played some Elden Ring (still addicted) and for my daily achievements, I turned to Gravity Chase, even though I don’t like it very much. I also started playing Century: Age of Ashes again now that it’s on Xbox and the performance is waaaay better than on my PC. There isn’t a lot of variety to the game though, but flying a dragon and blasting other winged lizards out of the sky is never boring. On Nintendo Switch I started playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land which is just super cute and stress-free. Even the supposed “harder” difficulty is a walk in the park, but not all games need to be challenging. The mouthful mode where you suck up objects that are way too big for lil’ ol’ Kirby is also funny to see in action.

Most exciting news of last week: Century: Age of Ashes releasing on consoles. Happy to spend more time with it.

Looking forward to playing this week: I’m hoping to beat Kirby in the coming week. Such a treat 🥰


I haven’t really been able to play any games this weekend because we had to move into a new house, which was quite chaotic. However, to reduce the stress a lil’, I was able to get my Xbox set-up and got to play a bit of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Most exciting news of last week: Too many, it may not sound that exciting, but I was glad when the co-founder of Rocksteady Games, Sefton Hill, announced that they would be delaying Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League into 2023. Warner Bros Games is already going to release LEGO Star Wars: TSS, Gotham Knights and Hogwarts Legacy this year, so I really do not mind the extra time and effort that the team behind the Batman Arkham games is going to put into this amazing new game!

Looking forward to playing this week: Whilst there’s still a lot of work to be done for the move, I do think I’m going to try and play through LEGO Star Wars: TFA this week and try to complete it before The Skywalker Saga releases!


This weekend I only got to finish AI: The Somnium Files which was a pretty great visual novel with a bunch of things I’ve never seen in one before, I’m glad for it being on Xbox Games Pass otherwise I’d probably never have played it. Besides that, I started Backbone by the end of Sunday, its setting seems pretty interesting to me and the visuals are great. I also watched The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies because I really felt like watching all of them again and I had never watched the third Hobbit movie before, will get to the LotR movies this week.

Most exciting news of last week: I wasn’t too excited with anything this week, I guess The Witcher 4 being announced was interesting though.

Looking forward to playing this week: I want to play a shorter game so I think I’ll continue playing Backbone thanks to Xbox Games Pass.


My weekend started fairly standard mostly. I’m still chugging along in Elden Ring. By now I’ve finished the game once and I’m starting a new character that’ll specialize in faith with incantations. These strong spells pack a real wallop, but often take a long time to cast, and even longer to charge to peak effectiveness. I’ve also played some more Core Keeper for an up and coming preview of the game. I really enjoyed my time with it, and can’t wait to play it more with friends when they eventually get it. I also remembered that today, Sunday 27th March, is the last day you can receive Oak’s letter as a mystery gift. So I quickly started and sped through the start of Pokémon Brilliant DIamond on my Switch Lite to redeem it. Luckily my copy of Pokémon Shining Pearl was already in the postgame, so I could just grab it there. And lastly, I’ll start playing Ghostwire: Tokyo immediately after I write this. I’ve been looking forward to this one ever since it first got teased at E3 years ago, so I’m beyond thrilled to actually get to review it. Look forward to when my review will be available later this week.

Most exciting news of last week: Has to be the Future Games Show 2022. Midnight Ghost Hunt made an appearance after being teased in 2019. And Deliver us Mars also piqued my interest.

Looking forward to playing this week: Ghostwire: Tokyo! I can’t wait to go back to Tokyo and dive headfirst into its yokai filled streets.