Eyes on the Week(end) (24-26 June)

Eyes on the Week(end) (24-26 June)

Time to look back on the weekend! What did Friday, Saturday, and Sunday look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from last week and what are we looking forward to? Our Eyes on the Week(end) article will answer these three questions!

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I started off my weekend trying out Anodyne. The action-adventure explorer title got my attention when it was on sale a couple of weeks ago so I figured I’d try it out. I enjoyed the time I played until I could not find a way to progress my story. I looked online for help and unfortunately found out that something that was supposed to trigger didn’t, therefore leaving me with no choice but to start a new game which I will return to at some point I’m sure. However, most of my weekend consisted of Neverwinter. I managed to complete the majority of the main story and I aim to see exactly what is available afterwards in terms of content. I would like to make a dent in the achievements but with TrueAchievements estimating completion time at 1000+ hours, this frightens me ever so slightly.

Most exciting news of last week: The release date of A Plague Tale: Requiem has been revealed as the 18th of October; onto Xbox Games Pass! Plus seeing Dead Cells having the addition of ‘Assist Mode’ will have me returning to this shortly to see what more I can accomplish.

Looking forward to playing this week: Neverwinter, Dead by Daylight, and perhaps Dead Cells will definitely be my main focuses this week. Not sure where else I will turn my attention other than my review games.


I¬†beat¬†The Quarry¬†again to finally get my review out, glad I did a second playthrough because it helped me see just how unpredictable the outcomes are and how it’s a game you NEED a guide for if you hope to get 1000G. You can check the review¬†[HERE]¬†I also finally started playing¬†Fall Guys¬†and despite not winning a single time, had a lot of fun with it. especially great if you can play with some friends. Lastly, I started playing¬†Fire Emblem Three Hopes¬†on Nintendo Switch, the Musou spin-off where you cut down enemies by the hundreds. So far it seems a bit underwhelming and repetitive so I hope it picks up later on.

Most exciting news of last week: The Trifox Beta started again for content creators and I got to hand out codes for it. it was great watching everyone play the game over the weekend.

Looking forward to playing this week: Want to get some more time in with Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Steam and FE: Three Hopes on Switch.


Played a pretty good variety of games this weekend again, this time it’s because I’m taking part in a TrueAchievements event. I played a bit of¬†Feeding¬†Frenzy,¬†Heavy Weapon, and¬†Battlefield 1943¬†for this event that works like a sea battle but with an achievement for each tile. I did also play more¬†Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition¬†again, I’m on chapter 4 and still enjoying it quite a bit. Also played¬†Fistful of Frags¬†and¬†No More Room in Hell¬†again with a friend.

Most exciting news of last week: Nothing comes to mind.

Looking forward to playing this week: Continue Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition, and continue unlocking achievements for the TrueAchievements event.


I’ve spent another weekend riding the aether currents across Eorzea in¬†Final Fantasy XIV¬†where I finished up the main story of patches 2.3 all through 2.5.5. And I can honestly say that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the story from roughly this point in time onward. The plot threads I’m seeing get built promise for quite the adventures to come in Heavensward. I feel like they’ve finally got the pacing down pat and are making full use of the world that¬†A Realm Reborn¬†laboured so hard to build. During the “season finale” (which took roughly an hour and a half) I called out: “called it” a near equal amount to the plot twists that unfolded before me. So as of writing this, I’ve just done the first couple of quests for the¬†Heavensward¬†expansion, but will probably slow down my pace a bit more so as to not burn out. Wouldn’t be very becoming of the warrior of light to shine so bright, only to do so momentarily.

Most exciting news of last week: The Steam Summer Sales have started once more and will be running until July 7th. Praise GabeN!

Looking forward to playing this week: Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak will finally be here on Thursday, 30th of June, and I plan to hunt my fill. Master Rank awaits, and I welcome the challenge.