Eyes on the Weekend (14-15 August)

Eyes on the Weekend (14-15 August)

In Eyes on the Weekend we share what our LifeisXbox team has been playing, most of the time we have our hands full with review games. Some of those have embargo’s so we can’t always openly share what we are playing. What is interesting for us is to see what YOU have been playing! Be sure to let us know on social media! 🙂

Robby (BloodyGoodReviews) | I tried Art of Rally this weekend but soon discovered it’s not really my genre. I can hardly stay on the track and while I appreciate the visual style, the gameplay simply isn’t doing it for me. I’ll keep it installed for daily achievements,  but I’ll say my goodbyes after that.

I also continued playing Button City, it’s a colourful indie game with a cool retro style and a neat teleportation mechanic, but other than that I was kind of disappointed by the slow-burn story. Glacial movement and minigames that failed to entertain. However, Maui did like the game, so be sure to check her review and feel free to form your own opinion. 

Next, I’ll be playing Hades and the Siege of Paris DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Mika | Was half dead most of the weekend cause I got my second vaccine, on Sunday I felt ok again after sooo much sleeping… and I played Outriders with Xen, had a lot of fun but it is getting really difficult with just the two of us on world level 7 haha.

VicciVulpix | I spent most of the weekend relaxing, visiting my dad and enjoying my birthday. I did play The Room VR: A Dark Matter for an hour or so, due to my shoulder pain, and I thoroughly enjoyed every second. Using VR fascinates me every time and I can honestly say it’s incredibly well-made! Played the usual SMITE but only had a handful of games. Haven’t enjoyed playing Athena before but had a pretty decent game, giving me another support to trail out more as I’m still experimenting with different supports.

Maui | Was a busy weekend social-wise, so didn’t game too much! Of course, we had our very first LifeisXbox meeting with a part of the team. Unfortunately, it was only the Belgians who could meet up, but hoping to meet everyone one day, it was really fun seeing everyone! And it was my mom’s birthday so I lost a day of gaming to that too.

Tried out World Soccer Strikers ’91 for the first time, and for a very short while, because turns out, I really suck. Planning to continue my soccer career in this game this week so I can get the review up! I also played some more Greak: Memories of Azur on my Switch, and I am still really loving this game. Aaron already put up a review for the Xbox release of this game, check it out! I’m also writing a second opinion for the Switch!

Michael |
I had a busy weekend, first of all, I went to Elftopia for the LifeisXbox meeting, had a blast here meeting everyone. Secondly, we celebrated the birthday of Maui’s mother.

Gaming wise I didn’t do much over the weekend but Maui and I did continue watching WandaVision which got both of us confused most of the time.

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Xendacine | I didn’t do much more than what Mikachu said! I watched The Mandalorian, and plastered some walls in the house. But indeed, Outriders is serving is well! The story is okay actually. It isn’t a world novel, and we knew that going in. We even tried to beat Yagah (boss) but after a battle of 24 minutes, we died. We unloaded 100+ clips in the boy… and we had to start over. Soo we called it quits there.

Then to close out our Sunday, we watched Army of the Dead (it’s a movie on Netflix). And honestly, normally I dislike zombies, but this was a great movie! 

Aaron | This weekend I have started playing through The Medium which was one of the horror titles on my ever-growing list. Bloober Team has done a great job at creating something that feels fresh & original with its unique take on multiple protagonist gameplay & cinematography that set a really moody atmosphere. The story has been quite a wild ride, so much so that I’ve not really been able to put my controller down!