Eyes on the Week(end) (13-15 May)

Eyes on the Week(end) (13-15 May)

Time to look back on the weekend! What did Friday, Saturday, and Sunday look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from last week and what are we looking forward to? These three questions will be answered in our Eyes on the Week(end) article!

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As I haven’t been feeling at my best mentally, I didn’t manage to play much over the weekend as I just kept flicking between games, unsure on what to play. I did start Treasure Hunter Simulator as I figured it would be a relaxing game that I could take my time with. You are given jobs in different areas of the world where you are can uncover priceless treasure, and some pretty useless junk, for clients and your own collection. I did find it unusually fun until I noticed some of my achievements have not unlocked and that in itself was quite infuriating. I’ve tried unistalling, resetting save data etc. but nothing has worked. I have also been playing more of my next review game Will You Snail? which is bound to be an interesting read. I don’t want to talk about it much as I will leave that to the review. I will try my best to get it published this week!

Most exciting news of last week: For me, this is without a doubt the release date announcement for the Dead Space remake as I’ve been waiting for this since I first heard about it.

Looking forward to playing this week: Will You Snail?, FIFA 22, Treasure Hunter Simulator, LoveChoice, and perhaps some achievement hunting in my backlog in between.


I started my weekend by beating Control, the Xbox One version as they have separate save files. Great game, nice completion save for a few grindy achievements and the setting is superb with all those strange stories. Then I played [REDACTED] for review and had a great time beating it in only two days’ time. Sadly, it still has many bugs that I hope get fixed because the final bug even erased around 3 hours of my progress.

Most exciting news of last week: Square Enix selling some of their studios to Embracer. Curious what this will mean for their IPs like Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain etc…

Looking forward to playing this week: I intend to start the new Ratchet & Clank on PS5 this week.


Didn’t get to play a lot on Saturday. I did play some more Dead by Daylight on Sunday, though. I’m currently spending most of my time as the killer. Having a pretty great time with The Huntress & sometimes as The Shape. I’ve also achieved over 50% of the achievements since this weekend. A big chunk of the achievements at this point consist of Adept achievements, which shouldn’t be too big of a deal (besides actually buying them, haha).

Most exciting news of last week: We got to see some more Gotham Knights gameplay! I’ve still got some mixed feelings when it comes to combat, but the rest seems to have me very excited so far. I’m curious as to how big the open world will be to Batman: Arkham Knight.

Looking forward to playing this week: Probably some more Dead by Daylight and I’ll also be reviewing a couple of games.


Couldn’t play much this weekend, but I did keep trying to play Peppy’s Adventure for a review, it’s been frustratingly difficult to progress at all on it but I’m trying my best. Also played Lost in Random, which looks a lot like a Tim Burton animation and it’s been very captivating to me. Also played some more Night of the Full Moon, I’m still hooked on it.

Most exciting news of last week: Square Enix selling some of their studios to Embracer Group.

Looking forward to playing this week: I’ll keep trying to play Peppy’s Adventure, continue playing Lost in Random and maybe play something else.


I played some of the newly added Game Pass games. First one was Citizen Sleeper. I had high hopes on this one, but I was sadly stricken with a bit discomfort on how tedious everything became. Though, if you are all for an all text game you might want to try this one out!Next I played Trek to Yomi. I absolutely digged the visual style! A blast from the past with those retro Samurai movies, as well as the audio style!After that I played some more Kingdom: Two Crowns. Honestly my addiction… There is something about the game mechanic + visual art style and music that grips me. I hope this is a series that gets more following.In the real world I also played some Magic the Gathering in my LGS. Commander Legends 2 running up event with Commander Legends.

Most exciting news of last week: NFT market keeps declining, and I can’t be help being all smiles about this. It’s a fad that needs to be stopped every way it can in my opinion.

Looking forward to playing this week: Commander Legends 2 next month! Luxury cardboard? Maybe. Hella fun? Definitely!


This weekend I returned to an old habit and picked up a new one. What’s that returning habit you ask? Being a danger to society in GTA Online. Most of my old crew decided to give it another spin after letting it rest for a year or so. Turns out we left our characters with a couple million dollars from grinding heists and a casino and Caya Perico heist ready to go each. Much to my surprise, we weren’t as rusty as we had expected, leading to an easy new cashflow as we’re looking at the new gameplay loops since our departure. So, that new habit then. Right before my captor, Elden Ring, released, a certain MMORPG had finally managed to shorten queue times enough to allow free trials to play again. I’m of course talking about the game that suffered from success, Final Fantasy XIV. So on Friday I dusted off my arcanist Mi’qote and with the help of a friend made it from level 9 to 33. After what feels like too long I finally got a chocobo to speed up the marathon MSQ has me run. My next big goal is figuring out how glamour works and looking for some gear to cobble a plate together.

Most exciting news of last week:  There was a showcase of new content in the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion. Returning monsters, new variants, NPC hunters and more.

Looking forward to playing this week: The critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and its Heavensward expansion offering me a free trial up to level 60 with no restrictions on play.