Eyes on the Weekend (07-08 August)

Eyes on the Weekend (07-08 August)

In Eyes on the Weekend we share what our LifeisXbox team has been playing, most of the time we have our hands full with review games. Some of those have embargo’s so we can’t always openly share what we are playing. What is interesting for us is to see what YOU have been playing! Be sure to let us know on social media! 🙂

Dae Jim |

Robby (BloodyGoodReviews) | I started the weekend by playing some The Last of Us 2, but when I realized this was a 25-30 hour game, I started playing some review backlog titles instead.

I beat Haven Park in a single sitting, it’s a cute and wholesome exploration game in which you repair a park and build new campsites. I was happy it didn’t have a lot of management sim elements and was more about exploring. Be sure to check Maui’s review! 

The rest of the weekend was spent playing Death’s Door. Everybody kept recommending it to me so I wanted to give it a shot as well. I wasn’t too amazed at the start of the game, but as you get more abilities and the world opens up, I found myself having more and more fun, despite dying a fair amount of times.

Mika | Started the weekend by playing some LoL as always, then I played a game I’m previewing called Medic Pacific War. This preview will be up beginning of next week!  Also started a new Minecraft adventure with Xen, which was lovely. Apparently, Minecraft now has panda’s 😍 My favourite animals. And you can make them eat bamboo 🥳 so cute! On Sunday Xen bought Outriders, which I bought at release but I couldn’t get it to start (refunded). So since we share our library I could download the game again and try and see if they have fixed it. And I’m VERY happy to say, they did! I can finally play it with Xen! wohooooo. It was an amazing gaming weekend!

VicciVulpix | Took a trip back to a couple of games I had completed to get achievements that had been added in Mushroom Saviour and Castle of no escape. I then had a look through games pass and decided to play The Ascent and wow, I’m amazed by the appearance, combat, mechanics etc. and I’m certainly looking forward to playing more and getting into the story further. I was shocked to see it has a development team of 20 people also so congrats to them for an incredible game and successful launch. Of course, I went back to my routes on SMITE where, unfortunately, at the moment, I only feel comfortable playing one role (support) but I’m trying non-meta picks at the moment to change up who I’m playing as well as different builds and items to see what works best for me.

Maui | I got started on Greak: Memories of Azur on my Switch. Been really enjoying this one so far, though it took me a while to find out that I didn’t completely suck at this game but you actually need a lot of healing items. Can’t wait to continue this adventure!

I also finished Haven Park on my Switch, or well, I finished the main quest/story but I still got some side quests to complete. I’ve truly enjoyed this adorable game and finished it in two sittings (cannot beat Robby damned), and my review for it will be up tomorrow!

Besides this, I continued my adventures in Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles on the Xbox and I am so verrrrrry much in love with this game. It had been on my wishlist for a while and I’m so grateful I get to review it now! Another game I cannot wait to continue playing!

Furthermore, I continued to test some games as my duty for the Belgian Game Awards, and I’ve been quite enjoying those too. I will not elaborate on this, of course, as I don’t want to give away my preferences 🙂

Michael |
For me this was a weekend of 2 endings, firstly I finished the Call of Duty battle pass for this season, right on time before season 5 starts next week. Secondly, Maui and I finally finished our series Supernatural which sadly stopped after 15 seasons, if you haven’t seen it go check it out!

Furthermore, nothing special happened this weekend but next week is Elftopia so that’s something exciting to look forward to!

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Xendacine | This weekend was one of the very first weekends in a while where I could actually do what I want, so here we go!

Lots of gaming happened, of course, and I actually played a vast pallet of games these times

To start off, I played a little bit of League of Legends. No surprises here for anyone. It’s a MOBA which I can enjoy from time to time! Then, played Jhin again and had a blast destroying some kids.

For the times I wasn’t playing my casual games, I actually played some Death’s Door. And to be fair, this game is starting to really hook me on the whole genre! It is smooth, has cute graphics, and is challenging! All the factors I want in a game are present! Like the sound design is what hooked me instantly, and now the combat and graphics are the parts keeping me playing! Review coming this week.

Later this weekend, Mikachu and I bought quite a few games: Space Engineers, Outriders, Horizon Dawn, …

But weirdly enough, right after we bought these games, we started to play Minecraft. Yes, you can call us weird, and we know it, but we actually had a lot of fun. We spawned in a jungle biome and decided to make the most prominent tree house ever! And it is coming along nicely!

And now, to finish off our Sunday, we played Outriders, and I must honestly say: this game is absolute bonkers! I picked the assassin class because I like to get all “up close and personal,” while Mikachu picked the supportive class. We grind our way to level 11 so far, and we are enjoying that everything is becoming extremely hard!

Orange Spark | Had another weekend where there wasn’t an awful lot of gaming to be had. Which isn’t to say there wasn’t any. I spent the bulk of my available weekend on Glyph, a fun puzzle platformer about an automaton scarab playing a life or death game of the floor is lava across various levels and locations. I also spent some time on Monster Hunter Stories 2, training up a bit and slightly advancing the story. And I’ve got to say, while the game is all about the story, I feel it’s quite aimed at a younger audience. It’s like watching episodes of the Pokémon anime sometimes. The combat, breeding, and genetic engineering of monsters are still quite fun, however. Lastly, I got up to a single hunt in Monster Hunter Rise. This time taking on Apex Ratholos in one on one combat. I managed to slay the mighty beast, but it did take me a second try to manage it, however.