Eyes on the Week (8th-12th August)

Eyes on the Week (8th-12th August)

Time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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On Monday, I decided to work through Reactor X and grab that massive 5000G for the completion. I will admit though I was pleasantly surprised that I could enjoy the game for what it was without the use of a guide and I really like these types of puzzle games. I went back to continue my first playthrough of The Wolf Among Us as I had been avoiding it; just didn’t get the same enjoyment factor out of it as other Telltale games. One genre I don’t tend to play is both sports and racing. However, Forza Horizon 4 did pique my previous interest again after watching Lewis play Forza Horizon 5 recently so I thought I’d aim to get some more achievements and just enjoy a change of scenery. On Wednesday, I began my journey in Garden Story, a somewhat recent addition to Xbox Games Pass. It did make me think of Stardew Valley a little with quite a bit more focus on combat. I’ve completed the first two areas and I’ve just entered the third. Finally, on Wednesday evening and Thursday, I played DreadOut 2 that I will be reviewing. I was pretty happy to get stuck in a new horror game. Be on the lookout for the review for DreadOut 2 along with my one for PowerWash Simulator.

Most exciting news of this week: Unfortunately, nothing managed to catch my eyes this week.

Looking forward to playing: After my reviews have been written, I intend on returning to Garden Story and perhaps starting The Council and/or maybe MotoGP 22.


I spent my week playing review-related games. First off we have APICO, a relaxing beekeeping sim that is actually really cute. I’m loving the vibes and the balance between challenge and relaxation so much! Also played a little Belgian game called AgriLife, where you have to keep your population alive by growing and taking care of crops. There is much attention to detail in this game and it has so much depth, it’s insane! I’m not too great at it, but still having a good time with it. And last but not least, I started playing Beasties – Monster Trainer Puzzle RPG, which is quite addictive but not without it faults. Pretty sure I’m near the end, which would make it a very short game of only a few hours. We’ll see!

Most exciting news of this week: nothing caught my eye this week.

Looking forward to playing: Two Point Campus, for sure!


My week was filled with some quick completions. I played Voyage, which you can read about here (that took around 1.5h to beat) or you can watch my full playthrough on YouTube.  The next game I played for LifeIsXbox was done even quicker: After Wave – Downfall, a top-down bullet-hell shooter on water. It took me less than 40 minutes to get the full 1000G and I have to admit it kind of took my motivation away to keep playing. The “tidbits” review for that one will be out soon. But I already know it won’t dissuade all you achievement hunters out there.

Most exciting news of this week: Xbox FanFest will return at Gamescom. and while it’s just at the booth and not something wild like on the boat in 2018, I’m still happy to go back.

Looking forward to playing: Bounty of One (steam) and Zorya – The celestial Sisters (Switch), two games I’ll be covering for LifeIsXbox.


Couldn’t play too much this week as I’ve started studying in the afternoon, but I did manage to play a bit of GTA IV and some more Arcade Paradise. I did also open Fortnite to get daily Microsoft Rewards points, even though I’m not much of a fan of it the 350 daily points are more than worth it.

Most exciting news of this week: Nothing comes to mind.

Looking forward to playing: More Arcade Paradise and GTA IV.


As I wrapped up the 3.0 main story quests for Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward, I swiftly set out to see this tale continued. And lo and behold, by Monday evening I saw credits roll on the Dragonsong War arc of the story. To say I thoroughly enjoyed it would be doing it a disservice. After that, I went off to the firmament, or as I like to call it, crafter levelling central. Final Fantasy aside, I also enjoyed a bit of the new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak update. I’m still figuring out the new augmenting system they put in place, yet am happy to report I put Seething Bazelgeuse and Gold Rathian in their place. The afterlife…Furthermore, I also played an Alternate Reality Game called Acolyte. If all goes well, my review on it should already be published.

Most exciting news of this week: Elite Dangerous Odyssey got the long-awaited Update 13, bringing with it an apocalyptic close to the Azimuth saga. One thing is for certain though: we stirred the hornets’ nest, and we will feel the sting we’ve had coming.

Looking forward to playing: Silver Ratholos and Lucent Nargacuga are still waiting for me in Monster Hunter. I’ll also play some Super Smash Bros Ultimate and MarioKart 8 Deluxe this week. Gamescom is rapidly approaching, and the group I’m going with have a little tournament planned amongst ourselves.