Eyes on the Week (7th – 11th August)

Eyes on the Week (7th – 11th August)

Time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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As I mentioned in last week’s Eyes on the Week post, I have played a wide variety of games this week as I feel myself somewhat returning to normal within the gaming world, even if not quite 100% in the real world. I’m getting quite tired of having blood tests at this point…

I returned to SongPop Party to make progress with the achievements, A Space for the Unbound to complete the final challenging achievement (thanks to Lewis and his TV), and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered for a mission to help me with my TrueAchievements medals.

The two games that have grabbed more of my time this week, however, would be Grand Theft Auto V and Life is Strange: True Colours. I’ve finally jumped into the story mode of GTA V and I’m enjoying what I’ve played so far; definitely something I’ll chip away at over time. As for Life is Strange: True Colours, it’s my first time playing the game and, as of two chapters in, I’m incredibly invested in the story and characters which is making me create many different opinions and theories of my own which are constantly changing. Just what I want – to be kept in suspense.

Most exciting news of this week: Stray is finally on Xbox but I’m not allowed to play it quite yet as it’s a pre-order present for my birthday next week. I just want to run around as a cute kitty cat!

Looking forward to playing: Life is Strange: True Colours and Grand Theft Auto V.


I didn’t have that much available time to game this week because my workdays were so busy. But then again, I work full-time in the games industry and that does mean that I got to play some titles for work reasons.  Really excited about both of them, with Boti: Byteland Overclocked giving scratching that collecting/platforming itch and Project Planet: Earth vs Humanity making for a great party game.

If you want to see Boti in action, I’ve got you covered!

I also cleaned up some achievements in Forza Horizon 5 and beat A Short Hike as soon as it landed on Xbox Game Pass (it was on my wishlist for a long time but never seemed to have a discount, now I got to play it for “free”)

But I guess I spent most of my time with Verses of Enchantment – a Belgian-made deckbuilding game with mages, poetry and classic paintings & music. You’ll hear more about it in my review soon!

Most exciting news of this week: Baldur’s Gate 3 launched last week and it’s getting crazy numbers. Really proud of our Belgian studio, Larian. If you want to read more about their path to victory, I actually did a short write-up for Flega, which you can read HERE.

Looking forward to playing: I sound like a broken record, but I hope to find the time to beat Final Fantasy XVI.


This week I’ve mainly stuck to review games since one of them launched today. Stray Gods, a musical RPG which isn’t something you would normally see has taken up most of my week with its gorgeous graphics, amazing soundtrack, a decent story set within the confines of characters you may already be familiar with.

Athena, Apollo, Hades, Pan, they are all here, except this time you are being framed for the murder of one of the gods & are accused of stealing their power. You can read the full review [HERE].

The other game I’ve been playing a lot of is Full Quiet, a NES game in style, but with modern controls. It’s quite fun, albeit challenging. The game has a rather large map to explore and a day and night cycle which increases the difficulty the further through the night you go, eventually spawning unkillable enemies. Making it to safe houses though grants you immunity and the ability to rest until morning.

I’ll have the full review up next week, so feel free to keep an eye out for that. Other than that, not much else is going on except for the heat making its way back to the UK.

Most exciting news of this week: Stray finally launched on Xbox, so if you haven’t had a chance to try it out, definitely do. Plus it’s on offer.

Looking forward to playing: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


I haven’t played a whole lot this week, but I did manage to play a bit of Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance for an upcoming review, and it’s been quite interesting and, as the title suggests, creepy.

I also played a little bit more of Eastward again, and it continues to be interesting and beautiful.

Most exciting news of this week: The disappointing rerelease of Red Dead Redemption on PS4/PS5 and Switch.

Looking forward to playing: More Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance, Eastward, and another review game I haven’t started yet.


It’s been another busy week for me, leaving me with precious little time to spend behind my PC. Because from late July through August lots of friends who live abroad come back to visit home and I want to spend time with all of them it takes time out of what I have to play games.

Yet when I did have time I wound down by working towards gathering the remaining Blue Mage spells in Final Fantasy XIV. At the time of writing, I’m roughly 10 away from completing the list.

Speaking of adding things to lists, Honkai Star Rail‘s next limited character banner went up on Wednesday and let Kafka loose upon the world. Being the first 5-star DPS character I managed to get I used my remaining currency on getting her signature lightcone. Now I’m all set to kit out my second team and really start playing with other team compositions.

Most exciting news of this week: Baldur’s Gate 3 soars to incredible heights in terms of concurrent player numbers. Somewhere to the tune of 880.000 people venturing forth into Faerun all at once. I wonder if that squirrel is okay?

Looking forward to playing: I’d like to find some time to play more Baldur’s Gate 3, but fear things won’t settle down for me in the next couple of days.


I have started this week off with playing Super Intern Story in which you just started your internship at a company that runs a game. So you get a caterpillar custom and are the noob enemy each hero will meet at the start of the game, but while there is no hero you much full the coin slots and chests, but make sure no hero sees you carrying stuff, or even jump, that would totally break the immersion and might even get you fired! I’m a sucker for games with a lot of humor and they get bonus points in my book for being original or putting the standard ideas upside down and this game does both very well.

Another game I was able to play this week is Elemental Survivors made by two awesome women. I really enjoyed their previous game “Princess Farmer” and this was even more fun. They make such cute artwork and the game is so addictive and enjoyable. It will be released in Early Access at the end of this month.

Last but for sure not least, I had the chance to play a bit of Moving Out 2 which releases at the beginning of next week and it is so crazy! Another game with a lot of humor, and just moving items in-game is so much fun. The theme also fits my life perfectly atm with my work moving last 2 weeks ago and looking around to moving houses soon as well, but IRL it is not that much fun, in this game it really is.

Most exciting news of this week: Stray landing on the Xbox platform. I had kinda hoped that we would also see it on game pass, but it is already awesome it came to the Xbox platform.

Looking forward to playing: More Moving Out 2.


The time that I spent playing games this week has been consumed almost entirely by Persona 5 Royal. I finished the base game, which was quite enjoyable but not a flawless pinnacle of RPGs as many enact it as. Still, I liked it enough that I’ll play the Royal part now and maybe even check a NG+ run. Doubt I’ll complete that one, but I’ll try it.

Beyond that, I sunk in plenty of time getting one of those old PCs that had landed in my house working as a local server. A dear friend helped me quite a lot in getting the basic file share working and the framework for synced folders; and mere minutes ago, I got remote desktop connections working! I am having a blast and will keep digging to see how far I can push it.

Most exciting news of this week: Take-Two Interactive had the gall to charge almost full price for a straight port of Red Dead Redemption, which is missing some features and runs worse than the original played through backwards compatibility and upscaling. Needless to say, the community’s response has been visceral, which gives me hope in humanity.

Looking forward to playing: Persona 5 Royal, of course!