Eyes on the Week (27th-31st May)

Eyes on the Week (27th-31st May)

It’s time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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This week has completely flown by and I’m struggling to recall what I’ve done. That’s probably because of my messed up sleep schedule and being glued to my tablet, trying to make my digital art feel more viable. Nonetheless, I did play some video games this week. I even added a game to the ‘I’ll never play that’ list.

First up, Dead by Daylight has been the focal point of my week due to the Choas Modifier still being present in the game. I even managed to complete all 83 levels of the rift pass with plenty of time to spare. I’ll be quite gutted when the modifier goes but I’m interested to see what the Anniversary event will bring in its place. Also, I’ve been putting my blood points into killers to get access to all their perks for The Wraith. I’m currently in the process of levelling up The Singularity.

Secondly, *sigh*, Roblox. Yes, I finally know what Roblox consists of. I originally loaded it to try out the game mode ‘Dress to Impress’ as I had seen it played by one of the streamers I watch but sadly, it didn’t render or work properly so I browsed the vast amount of games available and ended up settling on Hospital Tycoon. Me and Lewis also tried out a handful of “horror games” which had me terrified but also in stitches. I’m sure we’ll find many, many more.

Finally, I started Galacticare which has recently joined Xbox Games Pass. It’s a hospital management game which tackles all weird and wacky conditions while being given story objectives along the way. You can build the hospital as you please within the given parameters, hire doctors and consultants to work in different departments and decorate to meet both staff and patient needs. I’m currently on Mission 5 and can’t wait to discover more diseases and treatment facilities.

Most interesting news of this week: Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 will be joining Xbox Games Pass on Day One which is incredible news and makes me hopeful previous titles in the series will also be playable in the foreseeable future.

Looking forward to playing: More Galacticare and Dead by Daylight. Perhaps Overwatch 2 and Roblox? And those review games I desperately need to tackle!


I’ve had a very exciting workweek, with press releases for Necro StoryCauldronSCHiM, and Goblin Camp. I even played two of the demos myself and am super proud of getting to work on such cool games.

Necro Story is an RPG that doesn’t take itself seriously. You play as a (kind of) evil necromancer who has to save the world. it’s a typical RPG in gameplay, but with some auto battler mechanics as well as a monster-collecting aspect. Be sure to check the 1 hour demo, as progress carries over into the full game. Oh, and it’s made by a Belgian studio! Check my video here!

SCHiM is from our neighbours above in the Netherlands and plays kind of like a 3D platformer although you wouldn’t tell from the looks of it. You’re a lost schim, a thing’s shadow, and you jump from shadow to shadow and traverse the European-inspired cities in search of your owner. Check my video here!

I also beat Valiant Hearts: Going Home and started playing Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. I will probably do a review on LifeIsXbox for the latter!

Most interesting news of this week: Game Pass adding Call of Duty.

Looking forward to playing: Hellblade II & Paper Mario.


The week has really flown by this time, and luckily games were there to catch me during the downtime. Good ‘ol video games, never letting me down. I’m still slowly making my way through the Triple Triad card list in Final Fantasy XIV, making very little progress as the card from the Pharos Sirius dungeon just doesn’t want to drop. It’ll have to eventually though, it’s just a matter of time.

In Honkai Star Rail I mostly farmed for gear and upgrade materials with my dailies, but I have been having a blast with the “The Legend of the Galactic Baseballer” event. I’ve heard that it shares similarities to the weapon upgrade system of Vampire Survivor, where combining weapon upgrades with certain accessories can lead to better versions of said weapon.

And last weekend we finally picked up Divinity Original Sin 2 again. It was a somewhat shorter session, clocking in at only three-ish hours, where we tried to pick up the threads of the story again. Instead, we got into a bunch of fights, remembering halfway through them who it was and why they’d want to kill us.

I even tried out Star Citizen again after what feels like a good 2 odd years of just following it from the sidelines. My experience was a lot smoother than what I experienced last time, despite my not improving any of my PC’s components since then.

Last but not least, I happened to be in Brussels on Wednesday and had time to stop by games.brussels for a couple of hours. It was really nice getting to see that such collaborative spaces exist and I even played a bit of something that’s being cooked up there.

Most interesting news of this week: We got to see the first gameplay trailer of Monster Hunter Wilds at Sony’s State of Play. I’m really excited to see more of it and to play it next year.

Looking forward to playing: Divinity Original Sin 2 and probably figuring out how to earn some money in Star Citizen.


I’ve been playing more Overwatch 2 and this time I’ve been dabbling in competitive mode. Even without being in voice chat, I’ve managed to get up to rank gold 1 as a DPS. I’m not stressed about ranking up but I’m still trying.

I also made some progress in Biomutant and played just a tiny bit more of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The former has been fun, but I’m getting tired of the neverending adventure mode of the latter. I’m about 30 hours in and there’s still more 😅

I haven’t really played Dead by Daylight but I still want to.

Most interesting news of this week: COD BO6 being announced as a day-one addition to Xbox Games Pass. Hopefully, older titles will be joining Xbox Games Pass soon as well.

Looking forward to playing: More Overwatch 2, Dead by Daylight, Biomutant and maybe Super Smash Bros Ultimate.


I started this week with Duck Detective: The Secret Salami, what an awesome game! I like this style of detective/logic puzzle games. and the story was great. I really hope we will see sequels to this little gem that take around the same amount of time so they don’t overstay their welcome.

After that, I played many hours of Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip. This is just pure chaos and love. This is a (small) open-world game in which you get to help people who live in your city. The humor in this title is great and for me, as a Dutch person, it is extra funny to see the names of people and the names of streets as most of the time a part of them is Dutch. I’m also having a lot of fun seeing streamers playing this and trying to say those names is great, as it isn’t easy for a non-dutchy.

And last but not least I have the chance to play Fireside a little early as it releases this upcoming week. I can’t say much about it yet, but I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Most interesting news of this week: That PlayStation now requires a PlayStation account for every future game on Steam, even for single-player games. Why would you exclude 180 countries from playing your game when it isn’t needed? Is it really worth that much more to have people sign up with a PlayStation account in comparison to selling your game in those countries as well?

Looking forward to playing: More Fireside and more Little-Known Galaxy.


Our unending journey in Divinity: Original Sin 2 is nowhere near its end. We managed to make some progress, and almost beefed it in total party wipes like twice, but we managed in the end. Best adventuring party ever.

Then, I managed to get my hands on some new games, after much searching (I love geopolitics.) So, of course, I decided to join in with the rest in enjoying the fashionable free time devourer: Balatro. I won in my fourth run, I’m very, very early on but already want to try so many strategies.

Most interesting news of this week: Ubisoft keeps strong in the race to become the worst company ever. They have announced a horrendous membership subscription to their paid game – Rainbow Six Siege. I still remember when they used to make good games and leave it at that. Can they sell the Prince of Persia IP to like Devolver Digital or something?

Looking forward to playing: More Divinity: OS2. More Balatro.


This week I’ve mostly been playing indie arcade games such as Cake Invaders which is a shoot ‘em up that I picked up in this week’s sale on Xbox. You have to destroy the alien invaders before they destroy you, while simple it’s pretty addictive.

I’ve also been playing Musashi vs Cthulhu which is a very simple but challenging fast-paced action game, using just 3 buttons on the d-pad and the Y, B and A buttons you must fight a continuous wave of enemies from left and right that gets more challenging as you play. If you enjoyed Two Finger Death Punch, then you will enjoy this too.

I also started Frog Detective: The Entire Mystery which is slightly bizarre, but one that I’m enjoying and I made good progress on Zau: Tales of Kenzera which is a great side-scrolling action adventure game.

Most interesting news of this week: Xbox Game Pass is adding the next Call of Duty on day-one.

Looking forward to playing: I am really looking forward to playing Hypercharge: Unboxed this weekend and more Hauntii.