Eyes on the Week (1st – 5th August)

Eyes on the Week (1st – 5th August)

Time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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I honestly don’t even know where to start with what I’ve played this week so I’ll start with going back to Blind Postman, Bunny Parking, and Tony & Clyde to complete their recent title updates. I also managed to completely finish a bunch of games including As Dusk Falls, PowerWash Simulator (Both on Xbox Games Pass), Twin Mirror, and Treasure Hunter Simulator. All fantastic games but I did have an issue with the last as some of the achievements were not unlocking so I completed the main story and then deleted my save data. Luckily, this did resolve the issue and I didn’t need to go too far into the game again to mop up the remainder of the achievements. I started Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure (also on Xbox Games Pass) as kept wanting to play a game similar to Disneyland Adventures and I have a feeling I’m going to thoroughly enjoy my time on this one. Lastly, I started 11-11 Memories Retold and Rain City from fresh and managed to finish them both. I think both were actually hidden gems that I really enjoyed playing.

Most exciting news of this week: The announcement of Dead by Daylight bringing more licensed Resident Evil characters into the game. I’m excited to play against Wesker as I thoroughly enjoyed his villainous presence in Resident Evil 5. Also, seeing that The Ascent is getting its first DLC with the Cyber Heist has me wanting to return to this again.

Looking forward to playing: DreadOut 2, Sea of Solitude, Outlast, Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure and I’ll also probably dive into some other games I bought a while ago.

Dae Jim

Had more game time this week, but limited myself to three games. One of them for a review, The Tale of Bistun. You’ll be able to read what I think about it very soon. The other two games I enjoyed are Powerwash Simulator and Serious Sam 4. Both games are experiences that are easy to pick up and addictive. While I hate cleaning around the house I simply love washing buildings and vehicles in Powerwash!

Most exciting news of this week: Koch Media’s name change is what stood out the most for me. Now Plaion. While this might not be as exciting as game reveals, it does show that the company is willing to advance.

Looking forward to playing: Two Point Campus releases on August 9, something I know I will like a lot. Two Point Hospital was great and I expect nothing less for Campus.


I finally just beat Live A Live, so expect my review soon of that wonderfully nostalgic yet fresh-feeling JRPG. I also beat Voyage in a single sitting, with the review coming later as well. A nice, low-budget adventure that isn’t too challenging but brings some nice visuals & audio to your eyes and ears while also boosting your gamerscore by 1000G.

Most exciting news of this week: Just heard Koch Media is changing names to Plaion. That will take some getting used to. 😆

Looking forward to playing: Going to start Othercide as the devs were so kind as to drop me a code in my DMs and it looks really good for a tactics title. + Another Belgian game, Bounty of One, is releasing soon!


This week I have been glued to Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Whilst I can’t go into too much detail here since I will be saving my final thoughts for my review, just know this. It is probably the best in the series, so if you are a fan, don’t hesitate to play it. I mainly spent my free time playing PowerWash Simulator on Xbox since it’s an addicting & satisfying thing to do. Would I do it at home though? No!

Most exciting news of this week: Dead By Daylight with its new Resident Evil crossover. I’m looking forward to playing as Wesker, Adam & Rebecca.

Looking forward to playing: More Xenoblade Chronicles 3.


This week I decided to start a franchise that I regret not having tried earlier; Resident Evil. Which one did I play? Well… euhm… the remastered remake, if you know what I mean. And let me tell you, I absolutely adored it! The camera may have been annoying at times, but the gameplay was very fun! I loved the atmosphere, the puzzles, and the exploration,… This may sound terrible to RE fans, but it took me 12 hours – look, I was too immersed in the game, I swear. And of course, the reveal of Dead by Daylight’s 2 new survivors and killer obviously had to spoil something the day before I completed it… Weskerrrr… And in case you were wondering which ending I got, I got ending 5 as Chris (sorry, I wasn’t aware that I could save Rebecca). While I’m on the topic of Dead by Daylight anyway, I spent some more time on that game! At the moment, I have a playtime of 13 days, I believe. (Gosh, I love this game too much). Sadly, I did team up with some poor survivors during the week (solo-q in a nutshell). I did, however, get a little better at using the reworked Dead Hard! It’s still quite powerful if you are able to time it correctly, trust me!

Most exciting news of this week: Phew, what a week… First the Spyro G-fuel (I’m curious how that will taste; dragon fruit – never tried G-fuel before, which makes me even more curious, haha), Spyro plushies by Youtooz (yey), and the new Dead by Daylight character from Resident Evil! Honestly, I’m amazed by how much merch the purple boi still gets despite the huge lack of new games in the past decade or so!

Looking forward to playing: I will be playing some more Resident Evil! I’ll try to get that 12-hour completion time down to 3 hours (Since there’s an achievement that requires you to do that. :,) ), and once I’ve got all of the achievements on RE, I’ll obviously hop over to RE 2’s remake! Very excited for that! 


I played a bit more of Dead by Daylight, some RoboQuest, restarted LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham as I originally started it when it was on Xbox Games Pass but stopped quite early, and got stressed out with Soko Chess, a game I’m playing on PC for a review and a few other games for the warboats TrueAchievements challenge, as I’m still taking part in it. I also played some Arcade Paradise, another game I’m playing for an upcoming review, it’s been pretty fun so far, so keep an eye out for it. I did watch a few movies this week: District 9Knives OutTenet, and The Bourne Identity. I enjoyed all of them, and I plan to watch more movies in the next week.

Most exciting news of this week: Albert Wesker coming to Dead by Daylight sounds pretty cool.

Looking forward to playing: I want to try to continue playing GTA IV, play more of my review games, and probably some more Dead by Daylight.


Kept a rather one-track mind this week as I carried on with the main questline of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward. Not being someone who wants to waste good exp, I levelled up my paladin to the point where she could take over the MSQ at level 56. As I’m writing this, I’ve just finished 3.0 and decided I’ll move on to the post-MSQ story over the weekend. There’s a whole lot to do still in the free trial, but I’ve already decided to break my self-imposed “no paid subscription” rule come September. That should give me ample time to level up my crafters and prepare for what lies ahead. I’ve also been playing Kamikaze Veggies for an upcoming review, so look forward to that when it arrives. Opposing fascist tomatoes aside, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also saw some time this week as I make my way over to MR50. I have an idea of who awaits me there, but I’m keeping myself from looking up too much.

Most exciting news of this week: There was a Pokémon Presents on Wednesday that went over a lot of their games, chiefly among them the upcoming 9th generation Scarlet and Violet. They unveiled this gen’s gimmick as being “Terastalizing” or crystalising as I’ll probably call it.

Looking forward to playing: Having just finished the main story of Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward I’m quite eager to continue on until I unlock the area that’s great for crafters. I’m also hoping to finally finish Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but no promises on that one.