Eyes on the Week (14th – 18th August)

Eyes on the Week (14th – 18th August)

Time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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This week I celebrated my birthday. Well, I didn’t particularly ‘celebrate’ – instead I chose to feel grateful for the years I’ve had as I hate getting older each year. As for games, I managed to finish the story and get the full completion in Life is Strange: True Colours. Honestly, by far my favourite of the series so far and I highly recommend it. Beautiful visuals, a captivating story, and fantastic gameplay.

The only other two games I’ve played are Diablo IV to continue levelling my main character; seriously need to continue my seasonal one… And Outlast. Thought I’d give nightmare difficulty a try as I eventually want to try an insane run. I’ve done roughly 60% so far but hey – progress is progress.

Most exciting news of this week: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now available to play – as part of Xbox Games Pass so don’t forget to get involved. Also, sadly, the Xbox 360 store will be closing permanently next year. All good things must come to an end I guess but it will be missed dearly.

Looking forward to playing: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Stray, and perhaps Everspace 2. However, as I’m running on fumes right now, I doubt I’ll be playing much.

Dae Jim

Everspace 2 was released on Game Pass and I absolutely adore it. The visuals are great and the gameplay is fantastic. Another fantastic game was Stray, wrote that review this week which can be found [HERE] so I hope you’ll read it. I have been playing Quake 2 to get my retro fix, they did a very good job remastering it.

Most exciting news of this week: Starfield has gone Gold! Great news for Xbox and everyone who is looking forward to playing Bethesda’s latest game.

Looking forward to playing: I have to free up some storage space. I’m hoping to finish a few games so I can delete them on my installed games. Not sure what games, although A Plague Tale: Requiem is high on the list.


Extremely busy week here at work so I didn’t get a lot of gaming time in. I did start Asphalt 9. Yes, that free-to-play racing game that I think started on mobile? but it’s surprisingly fun and has given me enough motivation to boot it up once every evening to complete like 6 short races.

I’m also finishing up on some Advance Wars Rebootcamp missions. once I get to 100% on every map, I’ll start finding some friends to play against. You can read my review [HERE].

Most exciting news of this week: Baldur’s Gate 3 is still kicking all kinds of ass and Gamescom is around the corner. but not a lot of news lately.

Looking forward to playing: I’m a broken record, but I hope to find some time to finish Final Fantasy XVI. I really need to set some time aside for it, but keep failing to.


Hello readers, I hope you are all having a lovely summer. I know I am! Running around in this Texas heat revving my chainsaw gets me all hot and bothered. But, work needs to be done.

As you can probably tell, I’m having a blast playing The Texas Chainsaw Massacre this week, and so can you since it is on Xbox Games Pass!

It’s a lot of fun, especially as family members, who are tasked with capturing the escaped teens from Leatherface’s lair. You are able to read the full review of it [HERE]. I’ve already maxed out two characters & unlocked all of the special skins for them. So yeah, I’ve played a lot.

Apart from wearing my mask made of leather, I also managed to finish Full Quiet with the review also being live which can be read [HERE]. It’s a charming little indie game with sprite-based graphics that reminded me of the old NES games from the late 80s.

Most exciting news of this week: Guillermo Del Toro is actively campaigning to Konami to re-release PT for the PS4/PS5. Who knows, maybe they will listen?

Looking forward to playing: More The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Unfortunately, I haven’t done much gaming this week. However, I did finish playing Creepy Tale: Ingrid Penance, so expect to read my review of it soon.

I also tried Overwatch 2‘s new PvE event and played a tiny bit of the old Mystery Heroes mode, not sure if I’ll ever come back to play the game as much as I once did when it was just Overwatch.

Most exciting news of this week: Starfield has gone gold, I’m curious and excited about how it’s going to be, I know it’ll likely have bugs, but hopefully none of them will be game-breaking bugs.

Looking forward to playing: Potata, for my next review, which is coming sometime after my Creepy Tales Ingrid Penance review.