Eyes on the Week (11th-15th March)

Eyes on the Week (11th-15th March)

It’s time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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Not much has changed for me this week in terms of gaming. Disney Dreamlight Valley has been getting the majority of my attention with me focusing on getting the villagers their favourite daily gifts so they all become best friends. I even completed the main story quest and found it a wonderful experience. Now it’s just the grindy achievements and remaining character quests that need completing so I probably won’t spend as much time on the game as I have done the previous weeks.

Me and Lewis have also continued playing The Outlast Trials and are finally onto the Ultra difficulty therapy as Lewis has managed to complete three agent rebirths; I don’t know when I’ll get my first one done to unlock the advanced levels. Only five achievements left to grab too but I’m disappointed these weren’t harder overall like the previous games.

I completed my latest visual novel Animal Lover this week after around five hours. Yes, I read them properly and don’t skip the dialogue for my first playthrough. It was interesting to begin with but the more I got into the story, the more worn out I found myself becoming. The ending(s) weren’t all that great either, in my opinion.

A Little to the Left has been played sparsely. I have been working on my consecutive daily tidies and I’m currently at 14 days. The achievement I’m going for requires 30 consecutive days which I’m hopeful of getting if I remember to keep up with them!

Most interesting news of this week: The developers of Disney Dreamlight Valley, Gameloft, have announced a new co-op Dungeons & Dragons RPG which I have high hopes for due to my enjoyment DDV recently. I’m also curious about trying Sea of Stars after hearing about them working on their new couch co-op mode named ‘singleplayer+’.

Looking forward to playing: Disney Dreamlight Valley and The Outlast Trials are on my ‘currently playing’ list but my main priority for the coming week is catching up on my review games

Dae Jim

All my limited time that I had left went into Taxi Life, I am exploring Barcelona while delivering people to their destination. I’m hoping to have more time at the end of the month to catch up on some great games!

Most interesting news of this week: I haven’t been up to date so sorry if I missed anything but the only things that caught my attention were the hands-on articles of TopSpin 2K25.

Looking forward to playing: Hawked with a work colleague.


I played a lot of different games this week. I kept making progress in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but then the impossible happened and a game managed to draw my attention away from it: Lil Guardsman. For some reason I missed that it had an Xbox release so I bought it, was impressed by it after the first chapter and kept on playing. I’ll even do a review for it as the world needs to know about this Terry Pratchett & Monty Python meets Papers Please adventure game.

I also started playing Stunt Paradise and then beat it in a single sitting. and then again on Windows 11 the day after because I’m a sucker for easy achievements. You can check my review [HERE].

And even more games made it to my Xbox this week: Valiant Hearts just had an HD collection release on Xbox and Let’s Revolution is a minesweeper-inspired roguelike RPG. I’ll have updates on those soon!

Most interesting news of this week: Ubisoft has been pretty generous to me and I got to Giveaway Skull & Bones on Xbox as well as Far Cry 6 soon!

Looking forward to playing: Valiant Hearts has always been on my ‘to play’ list and now I’ll finally get around to it!


My past week has been drenched in bile, mechanical oil and blood as I’ve embraced the life of a Helldiver in HELLDIVERS 2. To say I’ve been having the time of my life would be over the top, but it’s not often I come across a game that has such a satisfying gameplay loop; well-thought-out reward system; varied combat and fun missions. If you’ve seen footage of the game and think you might like it, I urge you to try it.

Aside from helldiving, I did my usual dailies in Honkai Star Rail. These last couple of days I’ve spent pre-farming gear for when Acheron hits with the 2.1 update and building up my Qingque to use in my poor man’s mono-quantum team. After the high that was the main story of 2.0, it’s been a bit of a dull week on the express.

I also played a couple of rounds of Deep Rock Galactic and levelled a bit in Dark Souls 3 for when we decided to further that playthrough.

Most interesting news of this week: Steam’s big quarterly sale is happening, and this time it’s spring flavoured.

Looking forward to playing: More HELLDIVERS 2.


Whilst I haven’t played much this week, I have been playing Alone in the Dark for an upcoming review. It’s all done, written & played to death, but you’ll have to wait a little longer for the review when the game launches next week.

Apart from this, I’ve been back on the VR side of things with Sniper Elite VR, Vampire the Masquerade Justice & TWD Onslaught. First up, Vampire is just incredible. It’s intuitive, fun & reminds me a lot of the Dishonored games with the abilities it gives you. You can blink from place to place, climb any surface, do aerial takedowns & even feast on rats & people if you are so inclined.

Sniper Elite is pretty much what you would expect if you are familiar with the franchise. Except here, they do sort of limit you to the area you can traverse & it is relatively contained. It’s still fun to snipe people & see all the gritty X-ray cams up close.

As a huge TWD fan, I couldn’t resist picking this one up since it was only $1. You play as Rick in the opening looking for Daryl as a huge horde of zombies moves close to you. The main objective however is to look for supplies, keep moving & make sure you don’t get cornered by the undead. Overall it’s certainly worth the money even if this one does look quite dated.

Most interesting news of this week: Steam Sale! Lots of goodies up for grabs. Check it out!

Looking forward to playing: More Vampire Justice VR.


I’ve been very much hooked on Alan Wake II despite me not playing many horror games. Then again, I liked the first one and Control quite a bit and all of them are connected. Maybe Quantum Break would’ve been connected too if it was more successful and not a platform exclusive.

Most interesting news of this week: Dragon’s Dogma II’s character creation demo releasing, I’ve created 3 monstrosities so far 😂

Looking forward to playing: More Alan Wake II, and I’ll try to jump back into The Mobius Machine since I still have to review it.


Another week went by, and another week I could barely find any time for games. Most of my week was spent playing Guilty Gear Strive, finally going back to training mode and focusing on actually improving my playing. Fortunately, it has been for the best as I’m happy to report I made it to Celestial for the first time 😄 So now comes another stage of losing handily to people much more experienced than myself until I acclimate. Wish me luck!

The one other game I played a little of is an old classic. I played a few rounds of hero assault in the old Star Wars Battlefront 2, the 2005 one. You see, Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection was released yesterday (seriously, they need to stop releasing games that have the same names as older games, it’s 3 different releases by now,) and if you check on Steam, well…

Most interesting news of this week: The Star Wars Battlefront Classic Collection is sitting on a Mostly negative user review score on Steam, and it had it merely hours after launching. The game launched with multiplayer in a horrendous state, with only 3 servers amounting to 200 players available to (not) connect to. Many people are advising buying the original classic games as those have modding support and still enjoy fairly active online communities, all for a fraction of the price.

Looking forward to playing: Gotta get back to the Strive grind! And Divinity OS2 is still waiting. And there’s an event in Deep Rock Galactic… Too many games.