Eyes on the Week (11th-15th December)

Eyes on the Week (11th-15th December)

It’s time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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It’s been a week of very few games again. Firstly, Dead by Daylight takes the prime spot as per usual. The Bone Chill Event started yesterday and Level One of the Tome wasn’t exactly challenging and took very little time to complete. However, the main entertainment value and fun factor are the snowball fights survivors – and very few ‘fun’ killers – get to have which makes the gameplay a little more lighthearted. I don’t like the snowmen as much this year but still enjoy hiding in them occasionally.

Secondly, we have Bunny Parking which recently got what I believe to be its last title update which I will do when I have some spare time. I did want to do Mushroom Saviour as well but this caused huge issues with my Xbox download queue not working and some major tech support from Lewis otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to update Dead by Daylight.

Finally, and very fitting if I do say so myself, is the introduction of a brand new arena shooter The Finals. Although I’ve only played eight or nine games with Lewis, it’s the most fun I’ve had in a shooter since Call of Duty DMZ. I can’t see myself playing it constantly, just because the gameplay can be chaotic and quite straining on my eyes/head but it’s definitely something I will be investing time into over the coming weeks/months. It’s free-to-play so if you enjoy shooters, I highly recommend trying it out!

Most interesting news of this week: The Day Before and its disastrous situation of suddenly releasing and then being pulled from Steam in a mere couple of days. Plus, the Twitch saga of allowing ‘artistic nudity’ and then reverting the change within 24 hours. I don’t know how they ever thought it was a good idea in the first place; people were always going to exploit the terms and conditions.

Looking forward to playing: Dead by Daylight, The Finals, and Truck Driver: The American Dream. Perhaps Borderlands 3 if the first two get a little tiring.


I’ve had a great week for gaming. I’ve beaten Gangs of Sherwood, a Belgian co-op game based on the Robin Hood universe but in a dystopian version of it.

Then I finally beat Super Mario Bros Wonder and wrote my review for it. Huge recommendation for gamers of all ages!

And I’ve also spent some time with Inscryption and the new DLC for Lake: Season’s Greetings. the latter which is the perfect title to get into the holiday spirit.

Most interesting news of this week: E3 is scrapped forever. Sad to never cross this off my event bucket list, but there are worse things. (1UP will likely never happen again either 😞)

Looking forward to playing: The new DLC for Final Fantasy XVI dropped and I’ll be beating that, as well as the DLC for Pokémon that just released today. 


Been a bit of a quieter week for me as we’re nearing the end of 2023. Over the weekend my Divinity Original Sin 2 palls and I successfully wrapped up our business on the island and led the offensive to take the port from the magisters. We accomplished it with, at first the help, voidling intervention. Looks like you don’t just find giant worms on Arrakis, that’s for sure.

The rest of the week I mainly spent fishing and tending to my island sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV. We’ve gathered a small group of fishers and are trying regularly to fish large quantities of certain types of fish with the entire party. So far only shellfish and octopodes elude us, but with near-daily attempts, I’m sure we won’t be angling for it much longer.

And like any week, I squeeze in some Honkai Star Rail at lunch or on the bus. Nothing interesting happened to me there gameplay-wise, as I just farmed daily missions, gear and upgrade materials. We did get the Livestream for the 1.6 update that was LOADED with content and reveals. Most importantly for me, we’re getting Ruan Mei and Dr Ratio next patch, and will even get Dr Ratio for free via the in-game mail.

Most interesting news of this week: E3 hasn’t survived the pandemic it seems. A bit sad, since it was a long-term goal to attend the event. Can’t be too sad, Gamescom should stick around.

Looking forward to playing: I might pick up the Pokémon Violet DLC if I can meet up with my friend who has Pokémon Home. I don’t quite feel like redoing the progress on my Pokédex.


I’m still playing My Time at Sandrock even after posting my review of it, which you can read [HERE], I can still see myself playing it for quite a few hours before stopping.

Other than that I’ve also played a little bit more of Lies of P and some High on Life as well, which has been interesting. Even though I don’t find it as funny as some people do, I’m still liking it.

Most interesting news of this week: E3’s official “death”. I hope some kind of event takes its place soon, because I’m not the hugest fan of Summer Games Fest.

Looking forward to playing: More My Time at Sandrock, Lies of P, High on Life, and Fusion Paradox for my next review, which I only played a little bit over the weekend.


The end of the year is always so busy. Still, I managed to slip in some time for games! We continued our adventure in Divinity: Original Sin 2 and, no joke, this game has made me take an interest in Baldur’s Gate 3 now. Hell, I kinda want to make a solo playthrough once we are done with our party one.

When the others weren’t available, and with what time I had left in between other ‘chores,’ I snuck in some hours of my heavily modded version of Fallout 4. It is such a shame that I had to ultimately convert the game into a survival shooter for it to feel enjoyable. But hey, I call that making the most with what you get! I’m on the cusp of unlocking a bunch of extra quests, so I’m looking forward to it!

Most interesting news of this week: So much has happened. The Game Awards have had a very poor reception for being so riddled with advertisements, rushing the winners’ speeches, and overall dedicating so little time to… awards. Then E3 has officially closed its doors forever. And then there was that whole fiasco with The Day Before and Fntastic, the studio behind it which closed its doors mere days after the game’s launch.

Looking forward to playing: More Divinity: OS 2 unexpectedly, and I’ll see what else the week has in store for me.