Eyes on the Week (10th – 14th July)

Eyes on the Week (10th – 14th July)

Time to look back on the week we’ve just had! What did the weekdays look like for our writers? What was the biggest news from the week? and what are we looking forward to playing during the upcoming weekend? Our Eyes on the Week article will answer all three of these questions!

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Very similar to last week so not massively exciting from me. Dead by Daylight has taken up the majority of my gaming time this week as the Twisted Masquerade event ended yesterday. I now don’t know what to do with my bloodpoints so I’ve decided to get everyone to Prestige 3 (Just because that unlocks each perk for every survivor). I might try and complete some killer-related achievements next week to get a better completion percentage but as it’s not my strong point, this could take some time.

Active Neurons 3 – Wonders of the World has been the only other game I played this week and yes, it was purely to keep my achievement streak going if I could get an achievement in Dead by Daylight.

Most exciting news of this week: It goes without saying, the FTC and Microsoft case will be on everyone’s minds. The Activision/Blizzard merger is looking even more promising and I’m excited to see when/where it progresses. Other than this, the Xbox Ultimate Sale is now live if you want to browse for any deals you may fancy.

Looking forward to playing: TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge, Dead by Daylight, Active Neurons 3 – Wonders of the World, and Resident Evil 5.

Dae Jim

20 minutes on SCARF and an hour on Sea Horizon. That’s my entire gaming week… things have been so busy for me lately that any gaming time is rarer than finding Shako in Diablo IV. I do believe that starting next week things will return to normal though, so I can explore game worlds and battle monsters, without having to think about work.

Most exciting news of this week: Ratchet and Clank PC specs. Evidence that platform holders are full of dishonest bullshit trying to please toxic fanboy behavior. FTC vs. Microsoft too, incredible how much tax money is wasted on this, especially if you follow NASA’s money issue for the Mars missions.

Looking forward to playing: Diablo IV.


I spent most of my week playing Final Fantasy XVI (too many spoilers to talk about this more) and doing chores in the house. Our daughter was away on camp so we moved our son to her room and redecorated his room with a new bed and a giant dinosaur head mounted on the wall (yes, really.)

I also played some Project Planet: Earth vs Humanity which is a jackbox party pack like game with a Plague Inc like setting. The developer even joined us to play it live on stream during our podcast. It’s coming out end of September!

At night, I found myself playing Forza Horizon 5 to completion. Just bought the DLC too. Still one of the prettiest games ever and it looks freaking fantastic on the BenQ x3000i projector (that hardware review is ready to be published, so expect it soon!)

Most exciting news of this week: I guess the ruling in Microsoft/Activision-Blizzard’s favour. Really crazy how much corporate jackassery has come to light through those emails.

Looking forward to playing:  Hope to beat Final Fantasy XVI soon and also just bought Final Fantasy Theathrythm which is eyeing at me as we speak.


I’ve played plenty of different games this week. Played through The Sexy Brutale over the last weekend, a game I’ve been meaning to play for a while, and I really liked how the story goes and its game mechanics.

I’ve also played and finished Trüberbrook, another game I wanted to play for a while. It looks pretty good and it’s an interesting point-and-click adventure.

I tried playing Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator and Chicory: A Colorful Tale, but neither of them felt grabbed me enough, although I can tell both are good games.

I played through the first chapter of Iris Fall, and I’m unsure if I’ll finish it yet. Tried Phantom Abyss and liked it but still, I don’t feel inclined to continue playing thanks to its difficulty. Played just a tiny bit of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands for an Xbox Game Pass quest.

And finally, decided to replay Shadow of the Tomb Raider on my Series X, I didn’t remember how good it looked, even though it’s my least favorite from the trilogy I still like it. I’m still amazed by the Quick Resume feature working so well by the way.

Most exciting news of this week: The ABK deal seemingly coming to a close, hopefully soon because it’s been way too long.

Looking forward to playing: After I’m done with Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I’ll start playing something else, not sure what yet.


My weeks have been split pretty unevenly between games this week. The bulk of my time has gone to Master Detective Archives: Rain Code (say that three times quickly), which excited both the detective and anime fan in me. I’m steadily working my way through the story, but this mysteriful ride is far from over. Be sure to look out for my review on this one when I finally get through it.

Other than that, I’ve spent the rest of my free time divided between Shadow of War, which I picked up from the Steam Summer Sale. Combat is alright, and the Nemesis system is a lot of fun to play with. I just find it a pity that the traversal mechanics are so incredibly janky more often than not. Overall I find it well worth the 9 or so euro I spent on it. I’ve also picked up Mortal Shell for about 4 euro. I’m sure I’ll get around to it someday…

And not much interesting happened in Honkai Star Rail. I built up to soft pity to grab Blade and Kafka from their upcoming banners. May the Gacha gods bless my pulls.

Most exciting news of this week: Without a doubt that the Microsoft / Activision-Blizzard deal might go ahead after all. I’m decidedly neutral and unbothered by whatever outcome this will lead to, but let’s just get it over with.

Looking forward to playing: More “Rain Code” as I’ve really been enjoying it. The humour is really on my level, whether that’s the anime brain rot has set in or not is up for you to decide.


I played some Ship of Fools in co-op. Fun game and looking forward to playing it more! Got it as a late birthday gift from the friend with who I’m playing it.

Also started The Survivalist but it didn’t hook me. That might be because I went in with the wrong intentions. I was looking for a game to scratch my Forager itch. And it didn’t do that, but I think it is a good game, just not in the mood to play it right now.

However, the most time spent in games this week went into Arcade Paradise. What a crazy game, quite grindy but still so addictive. Unlocking all the achievements might be a challenge but I’m doing my best and every time I start the game I lose track of time IRL. Even writing this almost makes me start the game and play right now, but I have still some things to do before I can play a game today.

Most exciting news of this week: Dave the Diver sold over 1 million copies. I haven’t gotten this game jet but it looks so awesome and right up my alley. It is so awesome to see an indie game getting so popular.

Looking forward to playing: More Arcade Paradise! 


Most of my week was spent thinning the orc armies of Mordor in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Yes, I will keep banging this drum: the nemesis system is amazing. So many modern games waste 80% of their processing power drawing individual hairs, sweatdrops and skin follicles. I will take a game that uses 80% of its potential in complex player-engaging systems any day (Dwarf Fortress is on my bucket list, but that game’s a commitment.)

Other than that, I’ve bounced back and forth between several small experiences. I tried out Shephy, a solitaire card game from Arcsys, developers of Guilty Gear. It was fun for an hour, but a bit too simplistic to hold interest long-term.

I also tried Adios, a narrative experience where you play a pig farmer who decides to cut ties with the mob, so you live the outcome of the many decisions he took in his life. I will praise the voice acting, but it sadly didn’t hit me right in the feels as I was hoping it would. But hey, maybe it does so for you!

Most exciting news of this week: Biggest of this week? Nothing you haven’t read above already, the Microsoft deal making some progress. Personally biggest for me that is already a month old? Ubisoft had announced a new Prince of Persia game and… I kinda wish they hadn’t. Just don’t look it up. Forget you even read this.

Looking forward to playing: I reckon I’m halfway through Shadow of War. Watch Dogs 2 and Yakuza 0 both have been giving me the eyes too.