Cobalt review

Six years… yes, six long years that’s how long developer Oxeye spend on making Cobalt. And you know what? It shows!

It’s unique gameplay and controls makes Cobalt immediately stand out in a big way. With a long story mode and a couple fun online game modes players that buy Cobalt will be able to enjoy hours and hours. Hats off to Oxeye for making such an incredible 2D platformer that reimagines the way how you fight enemies. You have so many ways of controlling your character with some mindblowing difficult ways too that the depth in the game is ridiculously large.


  • Large content and a high replay value
  • Surprisingly big story mode with a nice story and wonderful characters
  • Well made controls that offer great depth
  • Unique graphics that scream Cobalt in every moment
  • Soundtrack and sound effects are on par with the gameplay
  • You can play the game in many different ways
  • Perfect game for co-op players


  • Dialogue system is a cool feature but the text is very small and I didn’t really think it was needed


  • Can be a little too difficult for some players

Score: 89/100