Clouds & Sheep 2 review

Review Clouds & Sheep 2 | We have seen quite a few mobile games on Xbox One, none of them really transitioned well. Not with Clouds & Sheep 2 though! You don’t even have to read the review, just buy the game! The sheep’s¬†will be thankful, and so will indie-developer Handygames.¬†



  • Things start out easy in your cute little farm, one sheep in a small environment. After a while things spice up and you’ll have a much more difficult time taking care for your ruminant mammals. What I really liked about this game is that you kinda choose your own difficulty and that makes it perfect for every gamer, young or old. Things start really slow and get explained really well, making sure that everyone will understand how the game works.
  • Visually Clouds & Sheep 2 is outstanding, right next to my home are sheeps and whenever I look at them now I wish they had the same funny expressions like in the game. Colorful, sharp and¬†recognizable game worlds make the game a joy to play.
  • The progression system is a great way to keep the motivation up for leveling. With each new level you have new ways to keep your sheep entertained or give them new funny looks. ¬†Buying everything from the progression system will take some time, because not every resource is easy to come by.
  • It was refreshing to play something new. I’m not really into the mobile scene so I’m not sure if there is something similar to be found but on consoles Clouds and Sheep 2 is totally unique. I’m always so happy to experience new gameplay genres and this game was a real joy to play.
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Mixed Feelings

  • With so many attention to¬†customizing your sheep it’s a little weird, and a shame that you cannot choose or change the name from your favorite little sheep. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a Dolly* sheep? ¬†(*world’s most famous cloned sheep)
  • I would have loved to see more than one sheep race, I didn’t really miss it while playing but the potential is definitely there. Maybe for number three?
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  • If you play it for longer sessions the game can become a little bit repetitive. Handygames, the developer gives you many quests to keep things going but after a while you’ll see quite a few quests¬†reappear. Personally I don’t really mind repetitive gameplay, but be warned that things can get a bit been there done that.¬†

Score: ¬†86% | A cute simulation game for everyone, raising your cute lambs so they become big and healthy sheep is a real fun and unique gameplay experience. I didn’t know that shearing could be that much fun. Let us give our m√©√©√©√©√©h and baaaaah to HandyGames for making a great game for Xbox One.