Chime Sharp Review

Review Chime Sharp | Who remembers Chime on Xbox 360? I know I sure did, not only did you support a charity when you bought it but the gameplay was addictive and fun.  Seven years later the sequel has finally arrived for Xbox One. Can Chime Sharp fulfill the expectations from the first one? Let’s find that out in this review! 


  • Just like the first Chime, in Sharp you have the objective to fill up the colorful board with blocks without losing your multiplier. The best way to do this is creating 3×3 shapes,  like Tetris you can only build with the shapes that you get. In other words things won’t go as planned and you’ll need to adapt, fast. With timed and chill game modes Chime Sharp is a puzzle game that everyone can love and play, it has that magical gameplay that seems to be fun forever and ever. That’s pretty rare and makes Chime Sharp a must buy for all puzzle game lovers.
  • Chime is known for having an excellent soundtrack and that’s not different with Chime Sharp. The songs are lovely and give a special atmosphere while playing the game. It’s hard to say if the tracks are better than the first one, what I do know. Chime Sharp has a brilliant sound that all players will love.
  • Reaching 100% coverage for a level isn’t an easy task, I don’t think half of the players can even achieve something like that. Not to mention reaching 100% coverage on every level, it requires time and skill. You have multiple modes too, increasing the replay value tenfold.

Mixed Feelings

  • The game doesn’t look bad but things are scarily close for looking boring, don’t get me wrong I love how colorful and clean Chime Sharp looks but for a full-fledged sequel I expected a little bit more neat looking effects or clever visual tricks. It suffices for me but I expected a little more with the visuals.


  • For some reason the developer expects that everyone knows how things work, you will have to figure out many things by yourself. It’s not really user-friendly and I’m afraid it will annoy many gamers.

Score 87% | Chime Sharp is an enjoyable puzzle game, I’m hoping that Chime 3 won’t take seven years to make because I’m really looking forward how the developer can evolve this great experience. For now, I recommend that every puzzle game lover tries Chime Sharp!