Cazzarion is a straight-up space invaders clone. Developed and created by one man, Armin Unold brings us his version of the game genre. Though it’s a very rough rendition. I still got to give credit to this person. It has sown the seeds for him into creating bigger and better projects and I hope that he does not give up on this passionate dream. There isn’t much to write about the game, but I’ll do my best to give it the best review possible. So, let’s put our alien conspiracy hats on, and explore Cazzarion!

  • Low price point: I think that one of the best things that this game has going for it, is its price point. Not because it’s bad, but it is such an easy pick up for anyone with a few euros to spare. That way, new budding creators still get a nice incentive into creating bigger and better games. And we, the players, get to experience what could maybe be the next genial mind behind our blockbuster games!
  • Smooth Gameplay: On fluidity, Cazzarion scores a lot of points. Although basic, the animations and movement play out very smoothly. Frame drops are non-existent. While we all know that other games that deliver the same kind of basic gameplay? Sometimes tend to fail at even this aspect.
Space Ships!
  • No achievements: Yeah, this one was a tad bit odd to me. There are no Xbox achievements present. Instead, there are in-game unlockables that serve as achievements. A shame, because this would be an easy 1000G game otherwise. So keep this little tidbit in mind when doing your purchase. You won’t be purchasing the game for your game score e-peen.
  • 3 different lookalike modes: Cazzarion will offer you 3 different modes to sink your teeth into. Although they all are slightly different in their survivability? They never seem to distantiate themselves from each other. Making them look and feel like a carbon copy of the other.
Pew pew pe peng peng
  • Explosions: Each time that you destroy one of the ufos, you’ll start to notice that these Michael Bay-Esque explosions all look the same. Might be because there weren’t a lot of explosion animations to choose from in the creator? I don’t know. But this distracts quite a bit. So much so that it gets annoying to see the same explosion animation + sound-effect each and every times.


Score: 52%
Cazzarion is a very short game, with not a lot to talk about. It’s space invaders with 2 other game modes tacked ontop of it. Does that mean it’s a bad game? No, it sure as hell isn’t. This is one of these opportunities for a budding game creator to build games the way he wants it to be. So, if you want to support a starting creator, have got a few euro’s to spare, and want to experience space invaders in a modern-day coat? Give Cazzarion a try!

Developer: Armin Unold   Publisher: Zarpazo
Played on: Xbox One X Also available on: Mobile
Alexis spent 3 hours shooting down ufo’s.
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: Not present.
Perfect for: Anyone who wants to support budding creators, and space invaders fans.
Xbox Game Store link: Click here