Bombing Busters Review

Review Bombing Busters | Inspiring yourself as a game developer is important, learning from previous games made by other studios and improving mechanics or adding stuff isn’t a bad thing. For Bombing Busters however, I have a pretty big mixed feeling, it’s kinda like stealing a milk bottle and rebranding it with your name. Sure things look different and it has a few neat ideas but in all honesty I was playing nothing more than a Bomberman clone. Read more about this game in this review! 


  • Everyone knows Bomberman right? It has the exact same challenging but fun gameplay. You run around, drop a bomb and hope to hit an enemy and not yourself.  Bombing Busters has a perfect learning curve, introducing new dangers in every world. Enemies are, mostly, intelligent enough to try and avoid the bomb explosions.
  • Five worlds, for a total of 30 levels are available in the story mode.  Each world has a new look and gameplay possibilities, keeping things fresh and fun. I had the most fun with the worlds boss fights, changing the typical Bomberman gameplay a little. Considering the game only costs €7 you get more than enough content to warrant the price.

Mixed Feelings

  • No online multiplayer, this might be the biggest disappointing thing about the game. Bombing Busters just screams for online battling with friends. Sadly it isn’t so …


  • If controllers would only be €10 I would have broken a few while playing Bombing Busters. The amount of times I died because the game didn’t recognize that I was behind a rock, happened more times than fake alien sightings.  So frustrating!
  • Classical music isn’t really my thing but I don’t mind listening to it, Bombing Busters has a handful of famous classical tracks and they become a little repetitive after a few minutes. What totally grinds my gear is the awful sound effects.

Score 57% | Bomberman, oh no sorry … Bombing Busters is a game project that’s not really original. The developer played it a little too safe and failed to bring personality. It’s a fun and cheap game but it could have been so much more.