Baila Latino review

Baila Latino review | Latin America song lovers this is for you! People that love to dance in front their kinect this is for you! Before you take out your nicest latin dance dresses, read this review from Baila Latino!

Baila Latino Track list!

La Zumbera |  Oye Que Rico |  Lamento De Corazón | Guantanamera |  Mueve La Colita |  Ai Se Eu Te Pego | Dighidin Don Don |  El Dueño Del Swing |  Jinga Jinga | El Pam Pam |  La Vuelta | Macarena Remix |  No Hay Otra Cosa | Pimpolho |  Yo Quiero |  El Tipitipitero |  El Talismán | Se Acabó La Malanga |  Sin Ti No Puedo |  Tic Tic Tac |


  • You’ll have to pardon my lack of knowledge about latin songs but  in general the song track is pretty spot on with some insane catchy tunes. (Dighidin Don Don) I recognised three songs the first time I played it and that’s it… It was rather fun discovering all that new music. The knife cuts both sides though, don’t expect mainstream music that you find in Dance Central or Just Dance.
  • You don’t really need the Kinect, you can use Xbox One Smartglass. It works but I prefered the Kinect gameplay.
  • The silhouetted figures and backgrounds scream “Party Mode” with the hip shaking music tunes you won’t have any issues doing all those dance moves.
  • Would you like to drink a coffee with me blue haired lady from the song La Zumbera?

Mixed Feelings

  • The backgrounds are colorful and well made but in some cases they scream for attention making it a little harder following the dance moves.
  • The Kinect tracking works but you don’t necessarily have to do the move 100% correct. Doing a similar movement is good enough too. I feel it could be a little bit more accurate but I’m glad that you never get no score because the Kinect didn’t see your movement.


  • You just dance the songs, that’s it. It would have been nice to have some sort of Career Mode or leveling stats. Each song has stars that you unlock with your score but it doesn’t really reward you for it.

Score 73% | I have to be honest and say that I’m not the biggest Latino music lover. I do have to say that all the twenty songs on Baila Latino are hip shaking, fun tunes that rarely get repetitive. Do you like Dance Central or Just Dance? Yes? You can buy Baila latino with your eyes closed! And remember you don’t need a Kinect, Xbox One Smartglass works too!