Arslan: The Warriors Legend

Omega Force and Koei have been bringing out hack&slash games on a regular basis and Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is the newest one. It’s kinda a surprise that they decided to bring it out for the EU region but in this review you’ll see why that’s a good thing.


  • Interesting story with lots of surprises
  • 12 different and well made playable characters, each have a unique fightsystem.
  • That fighting system had a lot of depth, people can still buttonmash but you have a strategic way of fighting too.
  • ImpressiveĀ amount of enemies on screen, especially if you juggle a few hundred of them with attacks.
  • With a long story mode and free play afterwards you have lots of replay value. Getting an S-rating on every mission is a (fun)Ā time consuming thing to do.


  • It has it’s charm but you only have Japanese voices in the game, subtitles are in English but it’s hard to read them while playing the game.
  • Level design could have been better
  • Can become repetitive after a few hours, but if you are a fan of the genre you know that already.
Score: 81%