4 games for the new week #1

4 games for the new week #1

Each week we highlight four Xbox games that will release within seven days. Four games that we think will be worth your money and time! Be sure to keep an eye out on LifeisXbox as the chance is high that we will publish a review for it.

Releasing August 02 | Azure Striker Gunvolt 3
This high-speed side-scrolling series brings exciting action and colorful visuals! A fun new gameplay element are the collectibles that are used for summons and equipment!

Releasing August 03 | South of the Circle
We love an emotional narrative experience, so south of the Circle simply had to be one of the four games! A story and game that seems very promising!

Releasing August 04 | Turbo Golf Racing (Game Preview)
Inspired by Rocket League, turbo Golf Racing boosts on Xbox’s Game Preview this week. A fast party racing game that seems great to play against friends. Each player has a ball and the one that can bring it to the hole first wins, sounds easy? Guess again as the track, power ups and enemies will make that difficult!

Releasing August 04 | Gigapocalypse
Who doesn’t like playing as a big monster and destroy everything around them? That’s exactly what you’ll do in this 2D destruction game!