Brawlout Preview  | Being available on Steam since April 2017, to see Brawlout in Microsoft ID@Xbox E3 presentation was a fun surprise for me. Developed by the Romanian indie studio Angry Mob Games, known for mobile games like Toysburg, AVP: Evolution, Predators, Guerrilla Bob and Muffin knight (this last one  is also available on Steam), Brawlout is a platform fighter scheduled to be released in Q3 2017.

With up to 4 players you can fight local or online, Brawlout has 6 contenders revealed (with 3 more coming soon): the lynx Sephi’ra, the four-armed toad Paco, the eagle Chief Feathers, the hedgehog Volt, the walrus Olaf Tyson and the ape King Apu. Expect each character with a unique fighting style, making them really distinctive in the game.

It hasn’t yet been detailed by the developer, but the game shall contain a high level of customization for your characters: you’ll be able to select special attacks, combos and abilities related to the character’s movement. So you can expect to find the same character with a very distinctive set of skills while playing online.

Brawlout has great potential, that seems very obvious. For the trailers available so far, we can expect beautiful graphics and solid and competitive gameplay. Designed for Esports, Brawlout will come with everything the classic Super Smash Bros has been built from.

Stay tuned! For now, I can say I’m looking forward for it. You?