Black & White: Bushido Review

Review Black & White Bushido | Light and darkness. Day and night. Choose your side in this battle while two rival ninja clans clash on your television screen for supremacy! A multiplayer arena fighting game like you’ve never seen before. Ready your swords and sharpen your instincts while you read our review for this unique fighting game from London studio Good Catch.


  • Its monochromatic world is a real charm! Animations and visuals are simple and beautiful, all hand draw too. The black & white duality is only maculated for the blood that spills from each kill.
  • Funny gameplay with a simple core mechanic: warriors from light can hide in the light while warriors from the shadow can disappear in the darkness. You use the environment for your advantage. Always pay attention to your surroundings and stay alert not to have your neck slashed by an attack that came out of nowhere.
  • Great music with good sound effects. You can expect old Japan themed songs that help to build the atmosphere for the game.
  • Controls are simple and effective: you use one button to jump, one to attack, one to use items and one to capture the flag (in modes where it’s available). You can also move slowly while holding the right trigger, what can be used to move without being detected while hiding. And finally, with the left trigger, you taunt you opponent, revealing your position when hiding. You can jump on walls and double jump in middle air. Attacks have a cooldown that must be taken in consideration not to become an easy target on the battlefield. With some practice, you’ll become a master in no time.



  • Characters that feel different and play different: there are only four (the same four for each side), each one with its own weapons,
  • With no story mode, campaign or something like it, it’s a multiplayer brawler like many others around… I don’t know about you, but I really miss a single player story mode in games nowadays.
  • More items for your characters would be very welcome, introducing more variety in the gameplay.



  • With only 7 stages (6 normal stages and one that becomes available later in the game) and 3 game modes (deathmatch, flag capture and challenge), you may get tired of the game really fast… it’s always better to have some friends to play along or to adventure in the online mode.
  • Enemies AI is mediocre. They rarely pose a threat for you. It only gets interesting when playing the challenge mode, where more than three enemies come after you at the same time.
  • For $12,99, I feel like there should be more content in this game… more characters, more arena’s and different game modes would prolong its lifespan…

Score: 72% | The London developer Good Catch delivered a great experience with Black & White Bushido. It’s a funny and easy to love game, with an incredible simple mechanic that works really smooth. With a good atmosphere (I loved its simplicity) and funny combat, its multiplayer is going to be a big enjoyable mess! It lacks a little content, I agree, but it’s an indie game everybody should try.