Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Review

Review Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition | Originally a 2011 game on Xbox 360, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is a complete remaster for the Xbox One. Does this title hold up in today’s gaming market? Let’s find out.


  • The visuals have been nicely upgraded from the original game with hi-res textures and increased poly count and I would say the game looks good enough by today’s standards.
  • With FPS campaigns seemingly getting shorter and shorter every year, the roughly 8 hours it takes to complete the campaign is a good amount these days.
  • After completing the campaign the first time you will unlock overkill mode, which is basically the campaign but with access to all weapons at the same time. Achieving all skill shots with a single weapon will even give you unlimited ammo for that gun, allowing for a veritable bullet storm.
  • The echoes mode, which are challenge scenarios from certain parts of the campaign, offer further replay value. The ultimate echoes are even better, every echo making you pass 3 different challenges like certain skill shots only before you can enter score attack for that echo.
  • There are a lot of different skill shots to explore and abuse. Sliding around the level, kicking people into all manner of environmental hazards doesn’t get old very quickly.


  • The language, as well as the blood and gore, is very over the top. I’ve never heard swearing and insults like that in a game before. While you can turn those off, in the case of the language that is rather poorly done, there is just too much swearing going on. Turning off the blood and gore on the other hand works just fine.
  • The sniper is a great weapon, giving you a sort of bullet time where you can guide the bullet, however all enemies react instantly to it as soon as you even touch the trigger, even if they can’t see you. This makes skill shots like the nutcracker really hard to pull off as enemies are always turned sideways when you shoot, unless you managed to stun them first.
  • While there is a multiplayer mode it only offers one game made, a sort of hordes mode, where you and up to 3 other players take on wave after wave of enemies. While not bad, I really think the game could use one or more extra multiplayer modes to keep people engaged online.
  • While overkill mode and some echo scenarios have been added, there might not be enough new content on offer here for people that have already completed the original game.


  • Some skill shots are either not described very well or just a bit too hard to pull off, taking the flow out of the gameplay as you try to get them done.I don’t really mind paid DLC in general, but I do not like having paid DLC on day one that people who wait for reviews instead of preordering haveto buy, especially since Bulletstorm is a full price game to begin with. I’d prefer to see this extra DLC included for everyone.
  • While the visuals are nicely upgraded in general, the character movement can look a bit outdated. Hurdling over an obstacle is somewhat unresponsive, this move in particular could handle much smoother than it does.

Score: 82% | Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition sends you on a wild trip to discover the best means of taking out your enemies in increasingly creative, fun and disturbing ways. Between the campaign, the echo modes and the multiplayer, there is plenty for you to enjoy and if you have never played the original game, I would certainly suggest you give this edition a try.