Xbox Game Pass, is it worth your money?

The marketing for Xbox Game Pass has a tagline “More is Better” you can’t really say otherwise because gamers always want more games to play. The real question though, is the actual game list worth your money? Let’s take a look how the first two months have been for this new subscription service. 

What is Xbox Game Pass?

Microsoft has launched this new subscription service on June 1, Gold members had first access on May 24. For €10 a month you can play more than 100 Xbox games, most of them on Xbox One and a few Xbox 360 backward-compatible games. You can play all games at the same time, for how long you want! As long as a game stays in the catalog you can keep playing it. So far Microsoft hasn’t removed any games, but this will be the case in the future. To counter this, Microsoft adds new games each month so you’ll always have something new to play and enjoy.  You don’t have to worry that you won’t be able to finish particular game, Microsoft has promised us that communication will be clear and that gamers will know when to hurry up to finish a game. Game Pass games also have a 20% discount when you buy them, a great option for online games that you want to keep playing in the future. That’s Game Pass in a nutshell, pretty awesome right?!

Game content

With over one hundred games you can be absolutely sure that everyone will find something fun to play. Especially gamers that buy an Xbox for the first time won’t know what to play first. We won’t list everything but here is a shortlist for each genre.

  • Shooters: The Bioshock serie, Borderlands, Halo 5 and more
  • Platformers: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, De Blob 2, limbo and more
  • Racing: Dirt Rally, Grid 2 , F1 2015 and more
  • Puzzle: Hexic 2, Pac-man Museum, Braid and more
  • Sport: Blood Bowl 2, Super Mega Baseball, The Golfclub and more
  • RPG: Bound by Flame, Dungeons and Dragon, Sacred 3 and more
  • Xbox exclusives: D4, the Gears of War series, Sunset Overdrive and more

Monthly Content

Xbox Game Pass will get new content each month, so far the subscription received two updates. Heavy hitters like Dirt Rally, Dead Rising 3, Resident Evil 6 and Dead Island have been added.   On the top row the latest update for August, below the update from July.

Xbox Game Pass is without a doubt a must have for new Xbox owners, you simply won’t have a cheaper option to receive so many games at once. Even for first day owners it’s still an awesome subscription, you will always have something to play. So yes, it is totally worth you money.