Tesla vs Lovecraft Review

Tesla vs Lovecraft Review

Tesla vs Lovecraft

Finnish developer 10tons isn’t a stranger for our Xbox platform, Tesla vs Lovecraft is the thirteenth game that they have released on Xbox One. With a few really fun games like Sparkle, Spellspire, Crimsonland and JYDGE. As we all know 13 is an unlucky number, so how is the newest game from these talented guys? Teleport with me to our review and find out! 


  • Shoot enough monsters, level up and choose between two gameplay changing  stackable perks like faster movements, faster reloading or even explosive teleports or shooting more bullets. Combine that with some real fun weapon arsenal that you progressively unlock and you have yourself a basic but incredibly fun game. It doesn’t end with that though, you have permanent abilities that you can buy with ingame shards. (Small note: you start collecting this faster in world version 2)
  • Content wise the game has a lot on offer, finishing the story unlocks world 2 (Aether) and finishing that one unlocks a third and final world (Eldritch). Daily quests and a survival mode ensures that you can play this game even when you finished everything.
  • Killing enemies is done in a fast way, you can even speed things up even more by using your special mech. You have to collect five mech pieces first but when you unleash this beast things get really interesting. All your level up abilities count and shooting your way with faster firing, more bullets and more damage is pretty much God mode and such a blast to experience.
  • Visually things look pretty decent too, lots of enemies on screen, bullets and effects. With no performance issues whatsoever (played on Xbox One X), and trust me things get insanely hectic.
  • If you have a steampunk friend that loves to play a game with you, Tesla vs Lovecraft is an excellent choice. Things are significantly easier with friends. (2-4 players) it is a little bit difficult to stay together but I understand that working with split screen would have been a development nightmare.


  • As with all other games in this specific genre if repetition isn’t something for you than this game might not be something for you.  Pretty much all you do is run in circles and keep your finger on the fire button, while sometimes using the teleport ability. This isn’t something that is a problem for me, I love this genre but be warned! I do have to add the perk system helps with fighting off the repetition though, so the developer tried to keep players engaged.


  • They could have had a great story concept but they kinda failed with it, well failed isn’t the right word, they didn’t even try. I wish they did a little bit more effort in making a story, the Tesla vs Lovecraft set-up is perfect for it. You have some small talk and a few cut scenes but I was hoping for a little bit more.

Tesla vs Lovecraft [Score: 9.1/10] Simply put, Tesla vs Lovecraft is the twin stick shooter perfected and without a doubt the best game that 10tons has made so far.