REVIEW: Sephirothic Stories

Sephirothic Stories Review

It seems like Exe-Create and Kemco are hellbent into porting their mobile games to the console market. And yes, we already reviewed a few of them on our site! Rafael brought us the review for Asdivine hearts 2 in January and I brought Alvastia Chronicles in February. And here I am again, in March. Sigh… It seems like these games are getting progressively worse. So the story for this one revolves around you trying to save your little baby sister from an affliction, as well as simultaneously trying to save the world. You play as Harold, a coward-ish fellow who grows stronger and bolder the further you progress in the story. Will we be able to save our little sister or will we fail in our quest? Lets don on my adventurers cloak once more and prepare our souls for this, what I am sure of, amazing adventure… help me…

A whole new worl… Wait, what year is it? 2019? Why does this look like the PS1 era?
  • Nope: Yeah haha… I tried, I really tried to find something I totally loved. But no… I couldn’t find anything at all that jumps out as WOW! So, move along there lads, move along…
And here we see one of the rare lines in the game that isn’t questionable.
  • Models: The player models look OK. Sure they could have been better but at least these look more up to scale than anything else in this drab looking world. The art that’s being used to personify the player models (as shown in the above screenshot) looks quite nice. At least effort was put into creating these, but then again, it’s just a copy/paste so these were already there in the first place.
  • Garden System: To break away from the classic RPG style of games, Exe-Create gave us another one of its quirky gimmick creations. In this one, you have a garden where you can plant “stigs”. These are items that you can come across during your adventures and explorations of this game’s world. What bothers about this is that if you use a stig, which permanently boosts a certain part of your character’s stats, it’s lost. Nowhere during the running up into you unlocking the garden does it say that these can be planted in a garden to grow berries. These berries are then useable to boost the same stats, just instead of one stig, you get 3 berries. Warn us at least before we use them!
  • Gacha… Again: Yup. Again do we get this monetization system for the mobile market, into the console version! And again it’s the same. You use tickets to get lower grade items. And a separate form of currency for the higher tiered weapons and armors. Is that still not enough? Well, worry not my weary travelers, because you buy packs with real-world money to improve your play experience… YAAAY… I think not!
  • Sound: Boring and uninspired. You’ll be hearing a lot of the same old tunes during your progression of the game. It seems like somewhere down the line this game really didn’t look like it was their biggest concern and threw something together just to grab some quick cash.
If only the rest was exciting…
  • Story…?: The story, and the deliverance of said story, is at best questionable. Not only does it come across as boring and uninspired, but the game text is also riddled with errors. Either in misspelled words or words just missing in the written dialogue. That fact proves me more that this is just a quick cash grab instead of a company just wanting to give us their amazing cache of RPG’s. Sure the previous ones were good but this? It just feels like a slap across the cheek. Shame on you, for this one Kemco and Exe! Shame on you!
  • World Textures: My GOD does this game look BAD. I mean, they didn’t even try to give the world a touch-up or anything. The textures just look overly stretched out and don’t look good at all. If this was in the era of the PS1, it would have been an OKAY game to look at. But this is 2019 AND on the Xbox One X. Sure, you might argue that they did this to cut release time. But I mean, it’s their game. They control the date into when it’s released. At least put some effort into it instead of just copy-pasting your entire stuff. They didn’t even fix the text used to tell the story… Ugh
β˜… Score: 51%
Yet another Android port that we got, but didn’t need in my opinion. It feels like there was no optimization done what so ever when they ported from the android market. I am a fan of the RPG genre, but these kinds of mobile ports should be left on the android play store if there is no effort done in doing some texture upgrades or the failed and flawed text that Sephirothic Stories use to convey its downright boring story.

Developer: Exe-Create   Publisher: Kemco
Played on: Xbox One X Also available on: Android and PC
Yasutokoo endured this game for about 4.5 hours.
Achievement difficulty for 1000 Gamerscore: Best guess would be around 20 hours for sure.
Perfect for: People who have no high expectations for RPG’s.
Xbox Game Store link: Click here