Love, Death + Robots concept for gaming?

Love, Death + Robots concept for gaming?

I watched this new Netflix Original Love, Death + Robots and was honestly very surprised how great this was, considering this was made by 18 crews from different countries. Each short episode has a running time around 7 to 16 minutes with a totally different style and story.


The episodes are always completely different with the story and visual style from a genetically-engineered monster in gladiatorial battles, mech suits battling insectoids, Yogurt that takes over the world, a female astronaut that faces death in space and much much more. The danger that an episode would not match the others existed but luckily for Netflix each and every episode was a blast to watch. With many memorable moments and original ideas. So why isn’t something like this available in the gaming industry?

A few developers making a short game experience, bundled into one package!

You hear developers talk about it, you hear lucky playtester talk about it, a game concept that was made to let developers learn tools and design options. These short games are never released to the public but this could change if Microsoft or another publisher would make something similar like Netflix’s Love, Death + Robots. Why let all that money and time go to waste? Just fine tune it a little extra and release it with other game concepts that otherwise would never see the daylight. With Xbox Game Pass it would even be something that subscribers would get exclusive.

Anyway, if you have some spare time I would strongly suggest you to watch Love, death + robots. Some episodes are extremely violent and it features quite a few nude scenes too. But the dialogue, visuals and atmosphere is truly great. I would even go so far as saying that this series is one of my favorite Netflix Originals.