Rare Replay Review

30 nostalgic games from Rare for a 30 euro/dollar price tag has to be the best money value for gaming. Should you buy this game? YES! But still read the review first, ok?

—The fond memories from Rare games make me feel old

Only  a few gamers will like all the 30 games but it’s impossible that some gamer hates them all. That’s a tagline I like to use while speaking about Rare Replay. We all know the history from Rare and Microsoft decided to celebrate its 30th birthday. In this compilation from the studio’s history we can play with fan favorites like Conker and Banjo. Besides a few Performance concerns, especially with Nuts & Bolts the game runs excellent. Please don’t think that because the Xbox One has more power the games automatically run better, that’s not the case. Rare has done an excellent job with the emulator software and even added some new features, like a rewinding option for the older games. YES! You will be able to finally finish Battletoads! What I adore about Rare Replay is collecting badges for playing the games and doing specific challenges, by doing so you unlock documentary footage.  Anyway, enough with reading this short review. Go outside and buy this game!


  • An incredible package with fan favorite games like Perfect Dark, Battletoads, Viva Pinata, Conker and Banjo Kazooie
  • Snapshots (challenges) bring new gameplay opportunities for older games. I love the endless version of Turbo Tunnel!
  • The new rewind-feature for older games let’s me finally finish Battletoads! Overall a great feature so everyone can enjoy the harder Rare-games.
  • You get to play some of the less known Rare games, for example Grabbed by the Ghoulies was much better than I expected.
  • Fantastic Musical opening, a song that will stay in your head forever
  • Documentary footage about Rare
  • 300-500 gameplay hours for €30-$30


  • A few performance issues with Nuts & Bolts and Perfect Dark Zero
  • Legal issues mean no Goldeneye 007

Score: 91/100


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