LifeisXbox played Disintegration

LifeisXbox played Disintegration

When the co-creator of Halo, Marcus Lehto announces a new game it is hard to not pay attention, it was one of the few highlights from Opening Night Live at Gamescom too. To my surprise and excitement, we could play it at the Private Division press event. This very original mix between FPS and RTS has much well thought out elements and could really be the next big thing…

Before actually playing Disintegration we had a small briefing about all the games from Private Division, they have a splendid line-up with The Outer Worlds, Kerbal Space Program 2, Ancestors and Disintegration. They explained what Disintegration was and it was immediately obvious that this wasn’t going to be the millions shooter. It starts with a pretty damn nice story where humans are forced to place their brains into robots, so it is important to know that they aren’t artificially controlled. (this was my first guess) Things go terribly wrong when a powerful group wants to permanently stay this way. I have to excuse myself and say that I don’t recall why they started doing this in the first place but I believe it had something to do with preserving planet Earth.

While the story and gameplay make Disintegration very original the visual style doesn’t really take any risks, and that’s completely fine. It has a very Destiny-stylish look to it with some fantastic art style for the armors and environments. What really makes the game shine is the gameplay, it has been honestly years since I have played such an original shooter game. It was refreshing and familiar at the same time, our online match ended very closely so you could see the excitement from our winning team, such emotions are the reason why I love multiplayer games.

So how does it all work? Each player controls a flying vehicle that functions as an FPS experience, at the same time you also control four AI teammates, each with different abilities. The learning curve for understanding every detail is a little high but the overall gameplay is easy enough to understand from the ghetto, and oh boy IT IS FUN! You as a pilot can’t take objective points so you’ll have to trust and protect your AI squad. In a battle, this brings up some unique situations where you’ll be forced to think about who to attack the AI or the puppet master (the real player)

It is an understatement that I’m really looking forward to play more, My other LifeisXbox writer and I had a lot of fun with this creative new IP. The developer V1 Interactive has a small team but the talent clearly shows in every aspect of the game.