Hands-on Robothorium

Hands-on Robothorium

Gamescom is a beehive, hectic and insanely busy, so it was very refreshing to play some smaller games like Robothorium to escape all the people and just enjoy some good gameplay. Me and the admin from Xbox Belgium Gamers got an appointment with the friendly fellows from Goblinz Studio, to play the turn-based action RPG. 

We sat down and got an Xbox controller to play Robothorium, so please notice that we didn’t actually play the Xbox-version! After a confusing start, it is hard to pay attention to tutorial screens when you played a million other games and are tired from learning to play those million games, I got the hang of the general gameplay. It is immediately clear that the seven people from Goblinz Studio made a fine little game!

Outstanding artstyle!

A few playable robots welcome you, you need to pick three and all of them play totally differently. Something that immediately stands out is the fantastic art style, absolutely lovely visuals! It was fun figuring out what each attack did, your playable characters and environment opportunities all have different buffs and debuffs, combining them makes you an extremely deadly force.

Voices are absent but the music, some kind of industrial electro, is pretty neat and totally fits the robotic world.  I was a little surprised that the playable demo was pretty short, so we couldn’t really experience the combat enough to have a good impression but as I said previously the combination from buffs and debuffs was pretty interesting and challenging. Your characters can be upgraded in tiers and if I remember correctly enemies level up too.  More importantly, levels will be procedurally generated so I do expect a lot of replay value. Especially with all the possible combinations from playable characters.

Robothorium is coming out for Xbox in Q1 2019, while Robothorium isn’t the best game that I played at Gamescom, it did leave a very lasting positive impression. Can’t wait to play some more!