Bedlam review

A first person shooter about gaming’s history, that’s something you don’t see every day.  But mentioning great games and having  cameo’s don’t help to make Bedlam a masterpiece but is it worth buying? No, find out why in this Bedlam review.

Is this? Can it? No way?! Pac-Man??!

One of the most memorable moments in the game is a FPS-pac-man level, that’s the strength from Bedlam. Having original known game levels from Halo or Quake. That and an incredible good voice talent with the best British accent I’ve ever heard. Sadly the positive stuff ends with that. The game is riddled with game breaking bugs, retarded AI and boring gameplay.


  • Some unexpected moments, for example: 2D scrolling level, Pac-Man level, game related dialogue’s
  • Incredible voice actors with great dialogue’s (Kirsty Strain deserves extra credit)


  • Story, hit and miss. Some cool twists but expected a little more


  • Game breaking bugs that force you to restart levels.
  • Frame rate almost makes the game unplayable, especially in the last level.
  • The shooting part is a little boring for a “FPS”
  • Dumb and easy enemy AI

Score: 55%