Air Missions: HIND review

Review Air Missions: HIND | Who releases a game in the middle of E3? Developer 3Division raises their hand. They must be stupid or have a lot of confidence in Air Missions: HIND.  Let’s find out in this review! 

This must be the first big city with no traffic jams.


  • I don’t know about you but I always have issues controlling helicopters in games. I was expecting some very difficult and frustrating moments in Air Missions: HIND but it was a big shocking surprise that the air controls felt tight ans responsive. Sure, driving a car in Forza is a lot easier but I had no issues controlling the “flying tanks” after a few minutes.
  • I am sure that a lot of Xbox fans have been waiting for a game like Air Missions: HIND. We had quite a few similar games on Xbox 360 but it has been drier than the Sahara for this genre on Xbox One. What’s even better, the game is decent and good enough so everyone can enjoy it.
  • First person view is useful for aiming and all the different 3rd person views help you with flying. It’s clear that a lot of effort is placed on camera views. While flying in first person is a hard task (You have less vision of your surroundings) it looks and feels awesome.
  • Air Missions: HIND is a complete package for people who like single player games but also for online players. Up to eight players can battle it out online, it’s a little hectic and the netcode isn’t perfect but it was literally a blast to play. You can also play co-op missions with your friends, if that’s your thing.
Heart or star patches on clothes are pretty common nowadays, it’s the first time that I see a fashion-conscious helicopter though.

Mixed Feelings

  • All missions are fun to complete but some feel unnecessary and short, they do a great job of learning you how to play the game but nobody enjoys it when the actual gameplay is shorter than the loading times and selecting your helicopter and weapons. All missions are realistically set-up though, in other words you really feel that you are a real pilot.
  • Visually things look decent enough, it doesn’t have the crisp and detailed world like Ace Combat 7 but I was surprised about the visual quality for the helicopters and effects. The environments are mostly very basic with simple looking 3D buildings, I did find it pretty impressive that, for an indie game, the environments didn’t look empty.
They are all waiting for megalodon


  • Sound is the only thing that bothered me. For example the screams from the ground troops if you blow them up. For starters, it’s not realistic that you can hear the screams in your cockpit and secondly it sounds like a cheap recorded thing too. Helicopter sounds are okay enough but all other music and sound felt a little unfitting.

Score: 80%  | Developer 3division from Slovakia made a much better game than I originally thought. I’m well aware that this kind of game isn’t for everyone but I highly suggest that you try it out, just don’t dare to shoot me out in the sky when you play the online mode.