8DAYS review

Review 8DAYS | Developer Santa Clara Games has made a perfect homage for retro game fans, as you can see on the screenshots. They paired that with some (very) difficult shooting gameplay. Let’s find out in this review if it’s worth to buy on Xbox! 

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  • Each level is a pure homage to retro-gaming. We’ve seen quite a few games like that in 2016 and even this year on Xbox One, 8DAYS really takes the crown for graphics though. The pixel-look is incredible and full with detail and clever ideas.
  • Catchy soundtrack makes exploring the five levels from 8DAYS a little less frustrating. (you’ll be dying A LOT) They have that same solid retro-feeling like the graphics.
  • The story is about solving the world’s issues in the weirdest and coolest ways. I was immediately intrigued by the characters, I have a weak spot for ladies with pink hair… No, it was really the great introduction from the game that made the story interesting from the very first moment.

Mixed Feelings

  • 8DAYS isn’t for casual gamers but I really feel that it can find a pretty decent audience on Xbox. It’s not the best hard game you’ll find on the console but it can stand proud between others in the genre.


  • Considering how hard 8DAYS is, I was hoping and expecting a better checkpoint-system. You’ll be replaying specific sections over and over again and checkpoint aren’t always “around the corner” leading to utter frustration. Ultimately removing motivation to continue.
  • My biggest complain about 8DAYS is the unfair level design, enemies spot you behind walls or objects, hard to find ammo with difficult aiming control, and many, many cheap deaths discourage you to continue and finish the game.

Score: 68% | I had a little bit too much annoying feelings while playing 8DAYS but I’m sure some gamers will absolutely adore this game. The visuals and sound are a pure joy but for me gameplay was fun but also frustrating and unfairly difficult.