Sail and Sacrifice

By the end of May, the developers of CAGE Studios released their new open-world RPG called Sail and Sacrifice. You are about to set course to one of the 25 islands where you will have to conquer pirates, natives, and Spaniards. Are you ready to set sail and make an end to the war for The Archipelago? Or are we getting seasick playing the game? Well, all hands on deck en let’s explore this new game by CAGE Studios.

  • Music: A thing that I really enjoyed about this game was the music. It was fitting in with the theme, and it felt on point. But unfortunately, this is the only good point that I was able to discover while exploring the game.
Oops, I’m dead
  • Idea: The idea that the developers had in mind for Sail and Sacrifice is definitely a good one. On top of that, the story is an original idea. However, it is the execution where it all goes wrong and which leaves you behind with mixed feelings. I mean, it could have been so much better and I can tell they didn’t get the result they were hoping for.
These graphics…
  • Graphically: Most open-world games that are released nowadays have stunning graphics and look beautiful. Everything is designed into the very last detail, and the developers make sure that not even one single spot looks like a trash can, well, of course, a trash can looks like a trash can. So we can be happy about living in 2019. You’d think, at least. Honestly, I don’t know what CAGE Studios did with this game but it looks awful. Yes, you can clearly see what everything is etc, and you can tell the difference between the characters and the boats, but that’s about it. They even managed to fuck up adding a decent tree.. and please, if you see one in this game, message me and send me a picture, but I didn’t find one decent looking tree. I mean is it really that hard? It’s just a big NO!!! Even the water looks fake and it’s a freakin’ boat game…
  • Playable: So, onto the second problem the game has. Glitchy and buggy as hell. Even though the graphics aren’t that good, sometimes I was just happy to see them at all. While playing, I discovered so many bugs and glitches it sometimes made the game completely unplayable. I honestly have no idea what the developers did with this game. And maybe I don’t wanna know, maybe I’m getting old. But this game could be so more lovely if it did run properly.
  • Controls: Another thing that makes the game unplayable, are the controls. They just aren’t making any sense. Yes, the game uses the usual controls but just like the rest of the game, they aren’t reacting properly and really want to make you ragequit. But, I couldn’t since I had to give it a fair try, after try, after try. Well, I’m sure you get it. 
  • Combat: While going into combat is usually fun in open-world RPG’s, don’t expect it to be fun in Sail and Sacrifice. Imagine; lagging graphics, buggy controls and a camera that keeps turning and making it impossible to have a decent look at what is happening during the fight. It literally feels like you are not only fighting enemies but also the game itself. And all this for the same price, what a deal!
  • Sailing: As if the combat wasn’t enough, another thing you are fighting is trying to sail your boat. Sometimes you are fighting the wind for no reason, sometimes your ship goes the complete opposite direction of where you wanted to go. I wish I know what was wrong with it, and maybe I’m just a bad captain or something but no, the sailing was definitely not meant for me.

Score: 9%
So, I actually have no idea where to begin. Sail and Sacrifice. The game should definitely be sacrificed. And if I were part of the developing team, I would honestly suggest to put it back in Early Access and overlook every single point. Since the only good point that I could actually find about this game is the music, they better start making a record since it would probably sell better. But no seriously, CAGE Studios, this is not how an open-world RPG should be, at least not for €16,79. Just a big fat NO!

Developer: CAGE Studios Publisher: CAGE Studios
Played on: PC
Perfect for: If you like unplayable games
Steam game store link: Click here