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Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition review

Review Pure Chess: Grandmaster Edition | I’m very much aware that not many Xbox gamers are Chess masters. Neither am I, I know the basic game but skilled placement and thinking 10 moves a head is not something I can do, yet. If you want to start learning this mental game Pure Chess is the right game to start. Check out why in this review!

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Gem matching games, I don’t need to write how addictive they can become. Just one more! It’s a sentence that plays over and over in your head multiple times and finally, two hours after your first – I’m quitting after this fight idea- you can hardly keep your eyes open and dream about it while sleeping. Ironcast builds on the strong foundations of the genre and adds interesting and unique gameplay elements. Change into your 1880’s Victorian England cloths and join the world of Ironcast in this good and bad review!

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