Party Hard review

Who doesn’t like dancing on that incredible song, while under the influence of some sweet Bacardi Cola’s? Maybe that annoying neighbour that calls the police every time. In Party Hard those pesky party ruiners have evolved into murderous killers. Read in this review for Party Hard if that’s a fun thing to do or not!


  • I’m normally not a big fan for pixelated graphics but the technique used in Party Hard gives the game a recognisable look. Every character stands out and that’s really important in this action stealth game.
  • Waiting for that perfect kill can take a few time but it’s really satisfying to kill that loud dancing macho guy.
  • All the kill traps and kill possibilities makes Party Hard a little less repetitive, it’s also very cool to kill a few people with food poison or a golf car.
  • The soundtrack for the 12 different levels are enjoyable, just like the party-goers in the game I would be using my awkward dancing moves on it too.
  • Not going to spoil too much but Party Hard has a few unexpected funny moments… Wait?! Is that a Mario cameo?


  • It’s a negative point for many stealth games but the AI could have been a lot better. Nothing really game breaking but people could have been a little smarter. And no, being drunk is no excuse for not seeing your girlfriend getting stabbed by someone with a chainsaw.
  • While having to wait to get that perfect kill is a normal thing in stealth games it can become a little boring in Party Hard. Especially when a level can become a long endeavour, screwing it at the end of a level will give you stressful symptoms.
  • Bugs can always happen in every game but in Party Hard it seems to happen a lot. Police officers getting stuck, invisible walls or objects, freezing screens…


Score: 71% | Party Hard will not get any awards but it’s a fun experience and that’s the most important thing. Great that Pinokl and TinyBuild decided to bring this game for consoles.

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