Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure review

Who hasn’t played dodgeball as a kid, is was one of my favorite school activities. Making that into a game isn’t an easy job but developer Game Swing didn’t mind and created something pretty fun to play. Love local co-op games? Be sure to check out this review from Stikbold: A Dodgeball Adventure!


  • The twin-stick shooting¬† controls are spot on, easy to use and accurate enough for casuals or hardcore players.
  • Bizarre but colorful graphics that stand out. It’s not impressive but it totally works for this game.
  • Great for local co-op players
  • Some really weird story levels that you don’t expect to see, it keeps the game a little more fresh.


  • It would have been a perfect online game but sadly only local multiplayer is supported.
  • Limited replay value and short story mode
  • Story mode cutscenes can become a drag, for me it was a little bit too much overdone with kids humor.
  • Not much value when you play it alone, this game is made with local multiplayer in mind.


Score: 74% | Stikbold can really become the star of the evening when you have a game night with friends.¬† It’s made for local co-op multiplayer and it shows, it has a few flaws but overall it’s a fun adventure and worth buying.



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