Commander Cherry’s puzzled journey review

I’ve never had so much fun with a mediocre game experience, weird tagline I know but that’s the only way how to describe this weird but fun Kinect game.

– Prepare for YOGAWESOME!

You control Mister Cherry around some basic platform levels but Commander Cherry’s concept makes it stand out and special. You need to make Yoga poses with your body so the character, that you control with your controller, can continue it’s path. Sadly the  platformer-aspect is underwhelming and drags the fun Kinect gameplay down. Using your body isn’t always an easy task, I’m lucky to be skinny but I can imagine that some people will have issues completing the complicated parts. thumbs up for the developer for it’s Kinect gameplay, the tracking is absolutely spot on and really fun. Not only for you but for bystanders too.




  • Kinect tracking is spot on, Yogawesome!
  • Perfect difficulty
  • The perfect game to share some of your screenshots with game DVR, who doesn’t like laughing with your crazy poses?
  • Haven’t played anything like this before


  • Luckily the controller gameplay isn’t the main focus because that’s a little boring
  • Even though the graphics are suitable for the game, it’s a little lackbuster
Score: 64%




104 thoughts on “Commander Cherry’s puzzled journey review”

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