Tachyon Project review


REVIEW: Tachyon Project

Score: 78/100

The summary and good & bad after the break!



As a big fan for the shmup genre I was immediately interested in Tachyon Project and oh boy, it didn’t disappoint. This twin-stick shooter has some neat differences for the genre with fun enemies and a good amount of customization. The only disappointment is the so called “story driven” gameplay, I expected a little bit more from it and near the end I wasn’t even following anymore. Don’t get me wrong the gameplay is excellent but the developers effort for the story mode could have been used for something else.


  • Groovy music
  • Difficulty is balanced and perfect for casual and hardcore gamers
  • Addictive challenge modes with online leaderboards
  • Easy achievements (full 1000 in 5-8 hours)
  • Fun and fast gameplay
  • Lots of weapons and customization


  • Story mode lacks purpose
  • Dialogue disappears to fast, and I’m a fast reader. No voice actors so it’s frustrating if you missed some story parts. Especially because achievement messages pop on screen so you can’t read anything. (You can turn achievement pop screens in the Xbox One setting menu)

Buy this if you like: Geometry Wars, Superstar Dust or any Twin stick shooter.

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