Xbox game releases for May

Xbox game releases for May

Excuse me for saying this but I’m so glad to finally have a slower month! The first months of 2019 have been crazy with game releases so it is a joy for our Xbox writers to have a little extra time for finishing the ridicules long backlog of games. That said, more than enough new experiences are right around the corner, leading the pack is RAGE 2. This colorful sequel is available on May 14. Lets take a look what else will be out for Xbox One.

May 14

A Plague Tale, RAGE 2 and Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, May 14 is quite busy and I’m pretty sure that these three games will be the bestsellers of May. Take a vacation day or call in sick because you’ll need the time to play!

Team Sonic Racing

Who doesn’t love a cart game with friends? It remains to be seen if this game will be any better than the Sonic used for the movie but I’m looking forward to dust of my arcade racing skills on May 21.

All Releases!

May 01 | Bird Game+
May 01 | Crashbots
May 02 | SNK 40th Anniversary Collection
May 03 | Black Paradox
May 03 | Giga Wrecker Alt.
May 03 | Purple Chicken Spaceman
May 07 | Brief Battles
May 07 | Puyo Puyo Champions
May 08 | Adventures of Bertram Fiddle
May 08 | Legends of Tetrachs
May 09 | DragonFangZ: The Rose & Dungeon of Time
May 10 | For the King (Xbox Game Pass)
May 10 | Lovecraft’s Untold Stories
May 10 | Reverse Crawl
May 10 | Super Space Serpent
May 10 | Ascendance
May 14 | A Plague Tale
May 14 | RAGE 2
May 14 | Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
May 16 | Castlevania Anniversary Collection
May 17 | Darkwood
May 21 | Fission Superstar X
May 21 | Team Sonic Racing
May 24 | American Fugitive
May 28 | Cricket 19
May 28 | Layers of Fear 2