Review: Woven The Game

Review: Woven The Game

My name is Stuffy, and I may look fat? But I’m actually fluffy. This game may look cute, and it’s actually frustratingly good. With narration so fine and visuals that will make you think, who the heck blessed these eyes of mine? Until you’ll see the walking animation! You’ll be like: Are you for real, dude? Yes, ladies and gentlemen! This is Woven The Game. With narration that is spoken like this, you’ll be thinking. Hold up, is this a Dr. Seuss game, something beautiful as is? But alas, it is not true. It’s something original, or at least. Something that I believe is so. So let us dive into this yarny world of Stuffy and Glitch. And see if we’ll be like “where have you been all my life” or “son of a b…”. This is, Woven The Game!

What we liked!

  • Visual Artstyle: The visuals are most definitely unique! In a world that is made up entirely out of yarn and quilt. And a few machines that are strewn about. The game ‘s color pallet does its best to be as fresh as they can, And can they do! Every new part of the world that you set a foot in to explore is its own kind of artwork. Every level has its own breath while everything is tied together as one seamless patchwork. While the game does separate different biomes from each other? It does its best to be as gorgeous and unique as the previous biome!
  • Narrator: Mad props goes towards Woven ‘s masterful narrator. Oh my god, do I wish this guy would read me bedtime stories! That thick English accent and the calming tone of his voice is exactly what completes this game even more than it already does! I don’t know where they got this guy from but give this man a raise if he hasn’t gotten one already! It’s exactly the kind of guy that you would imagine reading you Dr. Seuss stories and ending up with asking for one more story. So, whoever you may be? A standing ovation for your performance here! Also about the game’s soundtrack, I’ve got to say that they did an amazing job! It’s soft and engaging while not overbearing. A pure audiophile’s dream in my opinion!
  • Collector: Are you just like me that when you see a statistic pop up after you’ve collected something, that you’ve got to complete that statistic? If so, you’ll have an absolute blast in Woven! The game has a lot, and I really mean A LOT for you to discover. And seeing as this is one that isn’t meant to be rushed? Take your time. Look all over the place! Woven’s secrets are there for you to discover. And no, it won’t hold your hand and guide you to where everything is hidden. You’ll have to really search for them. And that’s perfectly fine for this game. Its puzzles and secrets are placed there for a reason. Find out what and why!
  • Family Friendly fun: One thing that I’ve got to give Alterego Games? Is that they have created one of the better “end of the year” type of family-friendly game. Woven The Game has it all. It’s got cuteness on its side, an amazing storyteller, cute puzzles for you to work through, a calm game pace and! Most importantly? No violence. So if you’re looking to buy a game for your child? Then you might want to give this one a lookover!

Somewhere between

  • Weird walks: You’ll be able to shapeshift a lot during your game time. How? I’m not going to tell. It’s something you’ll have to discover. But one thing that I just couldn’t come to grips with, is the fact that your walking animation does look like you’re floating over the floor instead of actually walking. It was most visible during the walks on inclinations like hills or humps. Though not breaking my immersion, it did kind of rub me the wrong way. And trust me, I did my best into trying to find bad stuff to say about this game! And this is kinda one of the only things that irked me. Sorry.
  • Invisible walls: One of the other things that I did find quite annoying? Were the invisible walls. At some spots, it was obvious that it was the edge of the map. But there are spots that you can perfectly walk around on, and suddenly out of nowhere? You get stuck. You can literally walk around some of these “walls”. Probably some leftover code that wasn’t cleaned up entirely. But it still is there. But, again. It doesn’t break the game or ruin the fun. Not at all!

What we disliked

  • Nothing: I actually have to say that I didn’t find anything bad about this game. It’s a piece of art that has some rough edges. But that didn’t make the game have one bad bit at all. To the developers, I’d say? Keep up this kind of work! In a world that’s dominated by violent games and adrenaline, it’s nice to see a developer change up the path and throw us a beautiful curveball like this!



Alterego Games? you did an amazing job creating this little gemstone. You’ve created a game that does not only work as a perfect zen session, you’ve created a piece of art. Woven The Game might not be Game of the Year, but it most definitly is a Game for all Ages! With a cuteness factor of 100, Stuffy and Glitch will do their best to conquer your heart. I can honestly say that they did conquer mine!