World of Final Fantasy Maxima Review

World of Final Fantasy Maxima Review

Absolutely gutted was the news that World of Final Fantasy wasn’t coming out on Xbox One in 2016. Two years later Xbox owners can finally enjoy this unique Final Fantasy game with the Maxima version. Kinda shows how things changed for our console, for the better of course. Anyway, not sure if you know Folklore on the PS3, here you could capture new creatures that you could use. This Pok√©mon-like feature can also be found in this Final Fantasy game! Strikes you as interesting? Gotta catch this review if that’s the case! 

What is good? 

  • Adorable:Oh¬†my…¬†how¬†cute¬†can¬†a¬†game¬†be!! The visuals are strikingly adorable and you immediately fall in love with many characters. The creatures, called Mirages have excellent design, environments are detailed and colorful and everything seems to be covered with a big lovely anime layer. While World of Final Fantasy isn’t the most beautiful game around it surely is one of the cutest. Positioning itself perfectly for young and old players. Even sturdy cool older gamers will have to admit how charming this game looks.¬†
  • Pok√©mon:¬†Or¬†Mirages in this case simply work fantastic in this Final Fantasy game. Capturing them starts easy enough in the beginning by lowering their health but more complex capturing requirements show up fairly quickly resulting in some very addictive gameplay that we know and love from Pok√©mon.¬†
  • Stacking battle gameplay:¬†One¬†thing¬†that¬†really stands out is the battle-system, it is easy enough so everyone can use it but it has incredible depth with all the different Mirages that you can stack. It is a little bit silly at first seeing your main character stacked with Pok√©mon, sorry I mean Mirages but the combination of all those different elements and powers give you an insane amount of opportunities¬†
  • Fan-favorite Final Fantasy characters:¬†Seeing¬†my¬†favorite¬†character¬†Vivi¬†for¬†example¬†as¬†a cameo¬†really¬†brings¬†forth¬†some¬†magic.¬†It¬†is¬†like¬†walking¬†around¬†Disneyland¬†and¬†meeting¬†Snow¬†White¬†or¬†Pluto.¬†Throughout¬†the¬†game¬†you’ll¬†meet¬†lots¬†of¬†known¬†Final¬†Fantasy¬†characters,¬†some¬†with¬†a¬†big¬†role¬†others in¬†the¬†background.
  • Voice-acting:¬†Tama is an exception but everyone else comes with believable and well performed voice-actors, quite a lot of them too! I honestly wasn’t expecting to have a fully-voiced game, so I was very positively surprised to hear every dialogue coming through my headset.¬†

Mixed feelings

  • Tama:¬†What¬†is¬†Tama¬†you¬†might¬†wonder… if you played one of my favorite Xbox 360 games before, Blue Dragon, you have to know that weirdly annoying character Marumaro. Yeah, the one that loudly screamed. Well, Tama might not be as troublesome but most will dislike her pretty much off the bat. Tama has the habit of placing the word “the” at the most inconvenient times, that combined with a sharp and eerie voice is really asking for trouble.¬†

What is bad?

  • Hit & miss: is¬†a¬†good¬†thing¬†that¬†the¬†game¬†doesn’t¬†take¬†itself¬†too¬†serious,but some of the jokes are really pushing it. Most of the times I got a rather awkward feeling about some of the “funny” dialogue. While the fourth wall breaking is neat, the weird jokes between the main characters is not.¬†

World of Final Fantasy Maxima | Score: 80%

This colorful and cute experience is for all ages, it is fantastic that World of Final Fantasy finally made it to Xbox One. Simply a must have for Final Fantasy fans and this is the closest thing to Pokémon that you can play on Xbox.