What did we play this weekend #1

What did we play this weekend #1

Be sure to let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram what YOU played! For now, here are a few LifeisXbox writers to tell you about their weekend.

Rafael: Started the weekend playing some Rocket League with friends. Now it’s free to play, I’m able to gather friends from all different platforms to play it. Played Warsaw, OkunoKA (games I was reviewing) and three easy completions: Prehistoric Dude, Deployment and Full Blast

VicciVulpix: This weekend I’ve played quite a few rounds of Dead by Daylight, a little bit of Apex, and started a new character playthrough on Borderlands 3. Tried completing more of Jet Set Knights for the 100% completion and started of Commandos 2 (for review) but wasn’t in the right patient headspace so I’ll be trying it again this week.

Robby: Started my weekend right by owning people at MTG Arena. Played two back-to-back drafts of the new set and kicked ass. Then I finished writing the BPM review, definitely a game I’ll keep returning to. Played a bit of Road to Ballhalla, which is a brilliant “don’t listen to the narrator type puzzle/reflex game” and ended the weekend by starting Tell Me Why, because Dae Jim told me to. Haven’t regretted it so far

Xendacine: This weekend was amazing!
I started my weekend on Friday, since I got a day off, and spent my time watching Game of Thrones, playing some League of Legends, followed by a whole lot of destiny and Forza. Continued on Saturday with personal matters. In the afternoon I spent my time learning the newest character on league of legends and finishing my Spellbreak review. Played some Spellbreak with my girlfriend as well. Sunday I mostly watched Game of Thrones and didn’t do much else. Game-wise I spent my time murdering some poor survivors in Dead by Daylight as Freddy and the nurse!