Trials: Rising – Review

Trials: Rising – Review

RedLynx and Ubisoft bring to us the next installment in their popular Trials franchise. This time you will be pitting it up against other people from around the globe (in-game and in real life) to become the numero uno. With more than enough tracks to shake your fists at, you’ll surely won’t be growing tired of the physics-defying racing. But, is this promise that Ubisoft made to us truly a fact, or was this just another clickbait to get people to buy the game? Will we really find enjoyment here, or is this just the same old stuff? With these promises in mind, I got the chance to dive into Trials: Rising, to bring you now our review! Grab your helmets and rev up those engines, because this will be quite the experience! This is Trials: Rising!

What is good?

  • Looks amazing!: I got to say, for a game that focusses a lot on what happens right in front of you? They sure put a lot of effort into what is happening behind your playing field. They’ve got a nice balance in visuals, depth, and atmosphere. From the way the light shines through fog all the way to the explosions and fireworks. Everything just looks like it should. Then, there’s the physics part in Trials! And yup, these behave just like their real-life counterparts and actually determine a lot into how you complete your race. As in, without too much trouble, or with a lot of restarting if you weren’t being too careful. They really did their homework and I got to commend them for this. Bravo!
  • Content ahoy!: Content will not be a major concern here as it is just filled to the brim with things for you to do and unlock! First off the loot boxes (ugh, more on these a bit further) unlock a ton of cosmetical items for your bike, costumes, and attributes. Then there is the already filled campaign mode, that will be expanded upon with the season pass. And if that wasn’t enough? You have the track editor, where you can create your wildest ideas. Which will give you endless amounts of fun!
  • Wacky!: The game looks amazing! But where it shines as well, are the themes of the tracks you’ll be able to race on. Not going to spoil it though, but every time you start a new one? It’ll be a different setting. Now, I got to say, they didn’t lack creativity! Sometimes you’ll actually just lose yourself in the happenings of the background, that you’d just want to watch what happens. There’s just not knowing what’s going to happen!
  • Cross-Platform: I clap my hands for you Ubisoft and RedLynx! Cross-platform! A thing gamers have been asking for a long time! Not only for this game but for nearly any game that has an online capability. And you have delivered! This doesn’t segment off players from one another, but rather unites them in the best way possible. I surely hope that other developers embrace the concept in their future games as well. So RedLynx and Ubisoft? Congratz!

Mixed Feelings

  • Lootbox? What?: What was a big headscratcher for me, was the fact that the loot-box system was in full effect here. I couldn’t get it. Sure it’s a fun addition, but why? Why not just have a shop where players can buy the items that they want and don’t want? And, no I’m not going to bash the loot-box in itself, as I dabbled in some Overwatch ones myself, but in this game? I couldn’t fully understand it. I guess it’s okay…ish, but why? As well as a rarity scale on stickers. Why?! Nearly no one will be looking at the tiny-ass sticker on a bike or on a suit or on anything for that matter… Oh well, it’s here so let’s just make the best of it, I guess?
  • Twitchy controls: The controls are hyper-responsive. And sure it’s needed to control your bike and the amount of gas. But when you are tumbling through the air and you’re needed to turn your bike at the most optimal angle so you don’t lose speed whilst wrestling with the controls? You’ll surely be skidding across the pavement in no time. Or when you need to lean back but the actions are following so fast you accidentally lean forward and can’t recover. Yeah… You’ll be resetting… A LOT. For the veterans, this will be no problem at all, but for those new to the franchise, those will be having a real hard time.
  • Not for everyone: This is a bit of an understatement. Though you can easily learn the game (how hard is it to press the gas and just get to the finish?), this game ‘s learning curve is way up there! If you’re gonna be wanting to reach those top ranks you’ll surely have to put in the hours because controlling your bike and being able to shave off numerous seconds will be something that you’ll be able to achieve if you really mastered the controls. And though this may not be a bad thing, this does make it hard for a newcomer to really enjoy the game for what it is meant to be and at its fullest, a racing sim with stunts at its core.

What is bad?

  • Camera: My GOD how I angered myself at the game ‘s hectic camera. Moments where I was doing a decent job, to suddenly be thwarted by the game itself! All because the camera decided to wait for some unknown reason to move and reveal what my next obstacle would be… Just to realize that I was coming at it at an entirely incorrect angle, to then just screw the entire thing up because the controls were a bit twitchy and faceplant on the side of the planks I was normally supposed to land on. Or flying into the air, knowing you’re gonna be reaching your apoapsis soon and that gravity would be taking over afterward! But having the camera decide otherwise and leave you hanging until you’re already halfway down, to result in an obvious crash. Though this thing was not consistent as other times it would work just fine, it did manage to irk me the wrong way! I surely hope that they’ll do something about that crazy thing because it took away my feeling of enjoyment in minutes!

Trials: Rising – 70/100

Though I did get some enjoyment when I won a race that I did semi-decent on, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t my type of racing/stunt simulator. I get why the fanbase is so hardcore about it! When you really know what you’re doing, it looks and feels extremely cool to execute some of the sick moves. But if you’re not that good? You’ll be happy to reach the end without too much restarting. If you’re willing to put the time in into learning the game you’ll have an absolute BLAST. Especially when you can create your own tracks with all those environmental goodies to toy around with. There will be oodles and canoodles of time for you to explore and tinker around with in here. Knowing you could be racing on other people ‘s tracks as well. For hardcore veterans, this will be something they must buy! So there you have it folks! Time to go park my bike and hang up my helmet until I, Crashfaceman, am needed again!